I ♥ Food in Paris



Best Hamburger

  • Ferdi:
    “Good food takes time. We have the food, do you have the time?”
    I discovered this place with my boyfriend and his cousin 1 year ago and fell in love with this restaurant. Now, everytime I go to Paris, I go to Ferdi. The staff is young, funny and friendly, the atmosphere is crazy and cozy and the hamburger (mc arthur) is D I V I N E. Eventhough the price of the hamburger is a little bit high, you will spend a great moment with your friends. The place is quite famous, popular and small, so if you want to have a bite, don’t forget to book your table a week in advance!


Italian Style

  • FuXia:
    This chain is present all over Paris, in several districts. My favourite one is located in the “1er Arrondissement”, rue Saint Honore (here). They serve all kinds of dishes: salads, antipasti, risotto, pasta.. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming. You are well served, you will have good quality for the price and it is not expensive.

    I would recommend the place for a lunch/dinner with a group of friends.
  • Le Vesuvio:
    When I lived alone in Paris, in St Germain Des Pres (75006), I used to go for a margharita pizza at Vesuvio Cafe everytime I had no strength to cook. But actually, this restaurant serves even better things than margharita pizzas. The staff is very nice and the food is absolutely delicious. The prices are very attractive too !
  • Armani Caffe*

Russian Style

  • Au Regal:
    This little russian restaurant and I have shared some nice moments together. Because we have history together I would advise you to taste it. Thanks to a wonderful russian singer, you will spend a memorable evening whilst tasting to some extraordinary vodkas and traditional dishes. I must say the interior of the restaurant is quite old fashioned but it only adds up some originality to the place!

Traditional Sunday Brunch’s

     Who would ever dare to miss a perfect Sunday brunch in Paris? Well let me share with you some of the bests addresses to enjoy classic burgers (best burgers in Paris here), bagels, eggs etc… CAREFUL: in Paris, Brunch time is sacred and you will most of the time have to face BIG QUEUES at the entrance of the restaurants. So just 1 advice: ARRIVE EARLY 😉

  • Coffe Parisien:
    This restaurant used to be our gathering place for my best friends and I during the week-ends. I know very well this one, located in Neuilly Sur Seine, but you can find it in other districts of Paris too. My connection with this place is more emotianl than realistic due to the past I shared with it ^^. But the food is good, the service is fine and it is always crowded. If you want to be seen on a Sunday and show off a little, this is the place to be.
  • Le Loir Dans La Theiere:
    Instead of an American style brunch, try this traditional French/European/Gourmand one. You will be delighted with some nice viennoiserie, scones, home made marmelade… A very cozy place in a nice and lively district. You could stay there during the whole afternoon !
  • Chez Schwartz:
    If you miss a typical New York “Deli” atmosphere, this is the place to go. Cheesecakes, burgers, pastrami bagels, carrot cakes… Classic New York meals to taste in a very orginal and fun environment. 
  • La Duree
    A historical address for fabulous and magical brunchs. The prices are quite expensive but it is a place that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Paris. La Duree is very famous for its macarons and impressive, colourful and unique pastries but they serve very good meals in the restaurant: salads, eggs, puff pastries, soups,…

Meat People

  • Le Relais de l’Entrecote:
    This restaurant is very famous because of its efficient and authentic concept: you arrive (in the queue because no reservations are taken), you get a table and the moment a waitress comes to you, only 1 question will be asked: how do you like your meat? Indeed, there is only 1 possible menu (salad + entrecote + fries). The waitresses are dressed up in a old fashion way and the environment is quite vintage too 🙂 The moment the meat will touch your lips will be the moment you understand the true meaning of “delicious”. I like to go to the one located on the “rue marboeuf” because it is small and cozy. Queuing is part of the process 😉 Concerning the desert, I definitely advise you to taste the “vacherin” and the “profiteroles”, great classics!

Tapas Party

  •  Dans les Landes…:
    This place is co-owned by the brother of a Glion Alumni, Mr. Inesta. It has become a very popular address to enjoy a variety of amazingly delicious Tapas dishes. But be careful, don’t expect traditional boring Tapas, here, you will be offered some innovative and creative ones. The menu is quite large in terms of salty meals but also when it comes to deserts. The restaurant is always fully booked so don’t forget to make a reservation at least 1 week in advance!! In addition, there are 2 services: 19:3o or 21:45. This timing aspect can be a little bit annoying but I give you my word, you won’t regret it! I suggest you to taste the homemade “armagnac framboise” which is an alcoholic shot. Trust me, this drink will become your favourite drink ever 😉 Concerning the price, it is very interesting and affordable. Approximately 35 euros/person (including drinks, bottle of wine, apperitif, meal and desert).

Sushis Lovers

  • Sushi Shop:
    For me there is no other place like Sushi Shop to eat the best sushis in town. You can both eat in the restaurant and make it deliver at your place (via their website or by phone). For the price you get quite a good quantity of fresh food. I have never been disappointed when it came to ordering my sushis there. Little tip: ask for sweet soya sauce to accompany your makis!
    They offer original creations such as: salmon roll with cream cheese, foie gras makis, smoked salmon rolls… An alternative to eating sushis: order the “tartare” and let the pleasure begin 🙂
    They recently opened in Geneva and are present all over Paris and Brussels.

Parisian, Chic & Show Off

    • Ralph’s*:
      Very famous address to hang out and BE SEEN in Paris. I suggest you go there for lunch but be ware of the crowd! A lot of celebrities go there and the restaurant is well known for its special burger (they import the meat from their ranch in Texas).
    • Armani Caffe*

*I havn’t tasted yet

Remember That Whatever the Restaurant You Enter In, French Food&Wine Are Known To Be The Best in The World.



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