I ♥ Drinks in Paris

     3 “S” activity in Paris is: to Sit at a terrace in a nice little coffee place, Sip and Stare. Watching,looking, appreciating the mixture of styles and looks popping out of the crowd in front of your eyes. If you are planning to do so on a lazy Sunday, the list below will provide you with the strategic places to be seen and to better watch ×××



1e Arrondissement

  • Cafe Marly:
    Located in frond of the “Pyramide du Louvre”, this exceptional place is perfect to see & be seen. The atmosphere combines a design interior in a historical environment. You can both enjoy a coffee outside when the weather allows it but you can also taste their delicious “brasserie” style dishes.


6e Arrondissement

  • Les 2 Magots:
    Historical parisian spot, the place to be, a “must-see”, the most expensive coffee in town 😉 Famous movie stars used to have breakfast, apperitif or drinks in this nice cafe. Even though the prices are over estimated, you will make a short travel in the past when sitting on the same benches where “Alain Delon”, “Brigitte Bardot” and many others have sat before 🙂 The area is also very interesting to visit and discover. Street by street you will appreciate the architecture of the buildings, the diversity of boutiques and shops, full of the “BOBO” ambiance.



Live Jazz Band, St Germain Des Pres



Les 2 Magots – St Germain des Pres



  • Cafe Jade:
    Located in a small but very lively street this cafe/restaurant will offer you a very nice terrace to enjoy some quality moments with friends. On Sunday mornings you have an outdoor market in the “rue de Buci” (where the restaurant is) so you have the opportunity to shop some fresh & quality products, and have a coffee or drink straight after. In the evening you can enjoy coktails and good music provided by local DJ’s (ambiance music). If you are hungry, Cafe Jade will offer you a limited choice of food such as “croque-monsieur”, “fries”, “hamburgers”, “sandwiches”…
  • Cafe Germain (Cafe Costes):
    I love this place ! Originality is the word that suits it the best: design, coktails, dishes,… I like everything! During the day you are offered savory menus (brasserie style), and if the weather is good you have to sit outside on their special table/chair! It is such a nice place to hang out and meet people. In the evening you must taste their “fondant au chocolat” for desert and have a long drink to accompany it. Plus, the ambiance music (cafe costes) is always pleasant in this type of restaurant.


8e Arrondissement

  • L’Avenue:
    If you want to show off and get to see some celeb’s in Paris, sit on the terrace of “L’Avenue”. Located next to the “Champs Elysees” and next to the most beautiful streets of the city, your chances to walk into some famous guys are quite high. Wear some big & black sun glasses, bring your shopping bags and your camera ^-^ 


16e Arrondissement

  • Le Tse:
    Welcome to a cozy french/asian outlet! Here you will be entering the world of “zen” and “peace” in a charming environment. During Summer the best is to take a seat on the terrace and watch this area of Paris entertain you in its own way. You may find the restaurant is a bit off-centered but it only adds up some originality to the place.
  • Chez Carette:
    Looking for a typical “salon de the”? Let me introduce you to my favourite one in Paris, “Chez Carette”. Choose a table where you are sure to be seen, order a coffee/tea/drink/whatever you want + a delightful chocolate macaron… wait for the magic to operate… you find yourself in heavennnnnn :p Enjoy the show of people passing by, maybe some celeb’s and if you are lucky the Sun will join you 🙂 Amazing address for a little “gourmand” break 😉



This “chic” & “trendy” suburb is located 500 meters away from Paris and is accessible by bus (bus 82) or by subway (metro ligne 1 direction “La Defense”). If you are trying to escape the crowd and wanna do your stuff in a pretty, charming and nice area, this place will definitely suit you.

  • Durand Dupont:
    I don’t usually hang out in this place but a lot of my friends do, so this is why I am suggesting it to you 🙂 This restaurant/cafe is located on the market place “Place du Marche” and is the absolut spot when you want to show off a little. When the Sun is up and when it’s warm outside, even though the prices are quite expensive, it is nice to have a drink (or 2) on the terrace. The interior is design and they play ambiance music inside. In the evening they also serve nice cocktails.
  • Le Cafe du Parc:
    3 years ago, when classes were over, this cafe was the place where my friends and I used to gather. The coffee is served with a little home made cake on the side of the plate (only around 4:00PM), which is definitely an added value for me. The prices are quite over estimated but the area is quite nice and they also serve very good hot chocolates. Surrounded by many different schools, it is the perfect place to chat with friends around a drink whilst criticizing the kids passing in front of the restaurant :p .
  • Polly Magoo:
    Located in a very nice street of Neuilly sur Seine, this restaurant offers a charming and pleasant terrace during Summer time. I like this spot because of the memories I have their with my friends. The staff is very friendly and welcoming and the decoration is pretty cozy too. It is often crowded but you will still enjoy a tasty lunch, drink or coffee in a smooth and charming environment.





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