I ♥ Nightlife in Paris

     What can possibly be more entertaining and unique than discovering a city, but especially Paris, by night? The clubs, the bars, the music, the drinks… Find my list of the districts & places to go if you want to have some good fun 🙂

Palais Royal – Rivoli (75001)

  • Le Cab:
    Great nightclub for a week-end with a big group of friends. The room and dancefloor are very spacious, the bar is also very big. There is no clientele typical age, I would say it starts from 20. It is not a club to show-off but it is more about having fun, have some drinks, enjoy the good sound and the night with your friends.
  • Le VIP Room:
    This famous nightclub also implemented in St-Tropez and London is known for hosting the most popular DJ’s and singers. I went only once but I know that it is very normal to see all the celebs there. On the other hand, it is quite complicated to get in. If you are going with a group of girls, you won’t have issues. But if you are a group of guys, it is more of a struggle. The best, to be sure you will enjoy the night is to book a table. Indeed, there is no proper dancefloor and the clientele is mainly composed of wealthy men and women of any range of age.

St Michel – Odeon (75005)

     This lively and entertaining district will take you back into the past, the history of Paris thanks to the small paved streets. You will find many pubs, restaurants, concerts, and crazy people willing to party with you 😉 In this part of the city forget about the clothes you have to wear, the make up etc… It is an area where people want to have fun and you will discover the way they enjoy life.

  • Latin Corner*:
    For single/horny/crazy ladies only! In this bar/club, waiters are half dressed, the cocktails’ names are inspired by the kamasutra, and the cozy atmosphere is created thanks to subdued lights… This explosive mixture will make you forget about your soul and concentrate on your body. Don’t be affraid to taste the  “sperme du serveur”. I believe such a place is perfect for a bachelor party.
    Urgence Bar – Paris
  • Urgence Bar:
    You are looking for a unique place? Something exclusive and so original that no other activity can challenge? Urgence bar welcomes you in a psychedelic decor made of all the “hospital” components: you drink in measuring glasses or feeding-bottles, cocktails have surgery names (Liposuction, boob job, nose job…) and the atmosphere is MAD. We spend the evening there with friends after my 18th birthday dinner and had great fun. There is no special range of age, as soon as you’re ready to enter the crazy doctors’ world you are more than welcome 😉  

St-Germain-Des-Pres (75006)

     A district known for the diversity of well known universities, the “BOBO” style, the beauty of its architecture and the large amount of shops. But also, for its crazy nights when people gather and celebrate all together in the small pubs hidden in small dark parisian streets…

  • The Frog & Princess:
    This typically English pub is located in a very lively, young & entertaining street (rue Princesse) of the 6e arrondissement. Full of students from Thursday to Saturday nights, you will be offered a wide choice of beers, cocktails, amazing shots (vodka caramel, strawberry, schtroump/smurf candy) and many others!! You also have the possibility to get some early dinner: burgers are the most popular there, or for desert: cheesecake/carrot cake.The clientele type is: students, young people, generally around 20 to 25.
  • Le Pre:
    This lounge-type restaurant/cafe provides you with good drinks on a terrace where you can comfortably observe the parisian street show 🙂 A good thing to know: their terrace is actually heated during the winter! Take a seat and sip your drink before going clubbing with your mates! The prices are quite affordable and they offer free wifi. The staff can seem snobbish but they are still quite welcoming (don’t expect too much 😉 you’re in Paris)
  • Le Mabillon:
    Everytime I pass in front of this restaurant/cafe, the terrace is fully booked! Le Mabillon is a trendy spot in the district and definitely the place to hang out, be seen with your friends on a Saturday evening before going clubbing, for some drinks. Prices are a bit expensive but the choice you are offered in terms of drinks is interesting.
  • Cafe Jade:
    Sometimes it is good also to just chill with a friend and have a drink. This is why I like Cafe Jade so much! Located in one of the most animated streets of st germain des pres, this bar has a great selection of cocktails and drinks, has a large terrace, so it is the perfect place to enjoy Summer evenings ! Reasonnable prices, good music, nice people , what else? 😉

Les Champs-Elysees (75008)

     This area of the city is dedicated to one main activity: PARTYING. But this has a price, and in this district, you should better expect it to be high. Don’t panic, the places below are totally worth it ! Don’t forget that Paris is one of the main fashion capital so come on dress up !

  • Le Queenie:
    Looking forward to enjoying a live fashion show, good music, amazing coktails and a great/original/design interior? You must pass by this trendy address! All the waitresses have a specific outfit, the sofas are SO comfortable and the drinks, so tasty !! The room is very big and can fit in many people. Located next to the best and biggest nightclubs of the city it is certainly one of the main bars to have a drink before going clubbing in the area !

  • Le Queen:
    Located on the world’s most beautiful avenue, this nightclub has hosted the biggest DJ’s of our times. The best day to go party there is on Monday for the popular and insane “Disco Queen” night. Their is no typical clientele except maybe when the club is hosting a special DJ.

  • Le Sens:
    This is my favourite nightclub so far. So if like me you enjoy “commercial” music (with actual lyrics I mean), friendly atmosphere, and most of all, having fun without caring about the others: this is a place for you. Because it is divided in 2 different floors, you can watch people dancing without being seen, quite entertaining ^^ .  It often happens that TV stars come party after their show, you’ll have to be lucky enough to be at the right place on the right time. The clientele type is mainly students, young people, generally around 20 to 25.

  • Le Cirque du Bonheur*:
    I have heard a lot of good things about this one and will try to go there as soon as I go back to Paris. This nightclub is opened only during the Winter time and guarantees you crazy nights. Come desguised, put on some insane make up, girls wear high heels and come enjoy the party ! 

  • La Bagatelle:
    Located a little outside Paris, in the middle of the “bois de Boulogne”, this outdoor nightclub is one of a kind in the city. First of all, it opens only during Summer. It is both a nightclub and a restaurant! When you get there, it is better if you have a reservation already: the bouncers and physio are very selective so you should also be dressed pretty chic to get in ! But when you’re inside, let the crazyness begin. Maybe the best club in Paris 😉

Shots – Bagatelle
  • La Maison Blanche:
    One of the most beautiful and chic place of Paris, it is opened for lunch, dinner, and after 11:00 PM, the nightclub opens its doors. Located on the top floor of the building, you have an amazing view of the capital and don’t be surprised to walk in some celeb’s! The clientele is generally above 25.

  • L’Arc:
    Known as the “BEST” nightclub in Paris, it is also one of the most expensive ones. On week-end nights you can bump into Paris Hilton, other wealthy people/celebs present in the capital. The clientele’s age is around 25 and more. It is the place to be seen and show-off at a table with a bottle of champagne. During the Summer their terrace is fully opened which brings a touch of fresh air…

    L’arc – Paris
  • Les Planches:
    When I used to live in Paris, this is the nightclub where I used to spend almost all of my Thursday nights! They have a special “afterwork” party going on called “Au Bonheur Des Dames“: free entrance, free dinner and drinks, special incentives and attractions, opened only for girls until 11:00 PM. After 11:00 PM, boys are aloud to come in and join the ladies for a crazy night! So girls, you know where you will be next Thursday! Special theme but same concept each Thursday!
    On the other days of the week the clientele can be very young. Indeed, the club hosts special “before” parties designed for 16 year old kids from 7:00 PM until 11:00 PM.

  • Unisex & Le Rival Deluxe:
    These 2 different outlets are located on the Champs-Elysees. They are bars/lounges/clubs that will welcome you to the loud sound of beat, in a very nice decor. Good addresses to gather with friends and start partying before clubbing! Great cocktails and smoothies! If you didn’t have desert before going there, try the “oreo milkshake“!!

Trocadero (75016) 

  • Ozu:
    This nightclub located in an Aquarium is quite original. I like to go there even though the room is quite small, it offers you a great environment to party. The clientele is pretty young though, so it may not match everyone’s expectations but the music and atmosphere are good. 
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