I ♥ Food in Switzerland

     What? Really? You thought Swiss people ate chocolate, milk and cheese at breakfast lunch and dinner? Hahah, dont’ worry, I am about to rock your world of stereotypes with some great restaurant addresses that will make you change your mind 😉 


  • L’Etoile Blanche:
    Great restaurant to enjoy dinner or drinks with friends. Try the “Burger du Chef” & the “Tartare”! The clientele and atmosphere is quite young. What I liked was the “vintage” aspect of the interior and the fact that the outlet looks like a parisian restaurant. In a country/city where I felt there was no life and no entertainment, you will find some at “L’Etoile Blanche”. For a Swiss restaurant, the prices are correct.
  • Cafe Beau Rivage Palace:
    If you are willing to spend a little bit more money for a more elaborated evening I definitely advise you to spend it in the famous palace’s cafe. The service is perfect and efficient and the food is very tasty. The right place for a luxurious dinner with your boyfriend/girlfriend or any special occasion. The music is quiet so you can speak easily and be heard. 
  • Lausanne Palace Brasserie – Le Grand Chene:
    This brasserie is placed in the Lausanne Palace and is a offering a traditional cuisine in a cozy environment. Although the prices are high, you will enjoy a quality lunch/dinner, very well served. I would recommend this place when you are in Lausanne with your parents or family for example and you want to taste a quality meal with some good Swiss wine.
  • Taco’s Bar:
    Located in the Flon district of Lausanne which is one of the liveliest area, this place is divided into two parts: the bar and the restaurant. Concerning the restaurant you will be offered very good value for money ! I suggest you taste the typically mexican dishes (tortillas, fajitas etc…). The portions are pretty impressive and the quality of the food is good. The atmosphere is really entertaining and the clientele quite young. Perfect place for a Saturday night around some frozen starwberry margaritas (the pitcher is expensive!



  • Le Bistrot De Charlotte:
    My favourite restaurant to have dinner in Geneva. Very friendly and sociable waiters with a lot of humor, great atmosphere, and delicious food & wine! The right ingredients to spend a memorable time. The cozyness and French-touch of the place makes it unique, you will want to go back. Advice: don’t miss the meat (entrecote, tartare) and the desserts (tarte tatin).
  • Chez Ma Cousine:
    Best chicken ever ! The whole menu is elaborated around 1 ingredient: chicken. Personnaly I would recommend you to choose the traditional dish: chicken with potatoes and the homemade sauce! Perfect for lunch and attractive prices !
  • Au Vieux Navire:
    A great restaurant to taste some real Swiss/French traditional cuisine. Located in Buchillon, a little village near the lake between Geneva and Lausanne, this small outlet offers the best “filets de perches” I have ever eaten. The waiters are all French and have a great humor! They are very client oriented and take care of their guests. The best menu? Special “vieux navire” salad (if you like the sauce you can buy a bottle and bring it back home!), “filets de perches” and home made fries, and finally, it has become very rare to find this but they can prepare in front of you the real “crepe Suzette”.
  • Sushi Shop:
    Best sushis on earth will soon be available in Geneva !!!!!!!




  • Ichioshi:
    The best sushis I have tasted in Switzerland. Indeed, or the price of the sushis is SO expensive, or it is disgusting and tasteless or it is both tasteless and expensive. This japanese restaurant offers you good value for money and you will be served good sushis. Trust me, it is rare in this country!




  • La Rouvenaz:
    A nice Italian restaurant address not far from the Leman Lac. You may find the prices over rated but you will have good value for money. It is often super crowded so plan to make a reservation before going!
  • Suisse Majestic – Le 45:
    The best view on the lac in Switzerland. During Summer they have a very spacious terrace where you can have a sun bath whilst sipping some homemade cocktails! They also serve a delicious raspberry mojito mmmhhh.
    Inside of the restaurant during Winter you can still enjoy the outstanding view thanks to the large glass walls. The service is very good and the menu offers traditional dishes such as “tartare”, “entrecote”, “risotto”, but also some more elaborated dishes such as “foie gras”, “pigeon”…
  • Harry’s New York Bar:
    Have you ever heard of the “Paralysant” cocktail? Well, as its name suggests, after this drink you might end up paralysed 😉 Even though the prices are expensive, it includes the unique atmosphere and the experience you will get.  With the red leather sofas, the live singers and creative bar tenders, you won’t forget your quality and luxurious evening ! I have a special connection with the place and will keep it in my heart forever … 🙂 ❤ 


Bulle / Gruyeres

      Since this area of Switzerland is where the “Gruyeres” cheese comes from, the cheese based dishes are the best ones you can eat. The restaurants below serve mainly typically Swiss dishes such as “cheese fondue”, “raclette”, “croute au fromage”… They are all very good addresses to enjoy Swiss lifestyle for an afternoon/evening! Don’t miss the traditional, delightful and also rich desert: “creme double & meringues”.

  • La Cabriolle
  • Le Chalet
  • Cafe de la Gare:
    If you are tired of Swiss cheese, try the “entrecote” at the Cafe de la Gare! Very tasty meat accompanied with the famous “cafe de Paris” sauce.
  • L’Osteria*
  • Le 43:
    One of the most entertaining and lively place in the area. They offer original afterwork concepts such as: sushi bar, tapas nights… And bring a special chef each time to offer you a memorable experience. In the Summer they have a very comfortable terrace where you can sip a drink or enjoy some salad. The inside decoration is also pretty modern and creative compared to the traditional restaurants of Bulle.
Tapas Night @43
Tapas Night @43
  • Marco Polo:
    I went there for the 1st time at the end of 2011 and discovered my favorite restaurant in Bulle haha. They offer basic dishes (don’t expect high quality food) but at least the prices are not as high as in the other places of the city and you are offered very generous portions! I tasted the “Ceasar salad” which was very good and enormous: a whole salad bowl for myself and for 11.- Sfr only. Even though the place is not very cute etc, it is worth stopping by if you are hungry and you don’t want to spend so much in a fancy restaurant 😉

    Enormous Ceasar Salad @Marco Polo
    Enormous Ceasar Salad @Marco Polo


Villars-Sur-Ollon / Bretaye

  • Le Francis:
    This popular pizzeria is offering a large choice of pizzas and pancakes that will delight you! The clientele is mainly composed of foreigners, British people and young adults and the prices are affordable and portions are big!
  • Rotisserie des Alpes:
    On the menu you will mainly find Swiss dishes but also very good meat offers. The service is very good and waiters are welcoming. The atmosphere is mainly family oriented and the decor, quite traditional. If you don’t know the “malakoffs”, this restaurant offers this dish on the menu and it is very yummy as a starter. Malakoffs are Gruyeres cheese balls that are crunchy on the outside and fluffy in the inside… (don’t hesitate to order a few)! For the dessert, I highly recommend you to taste the “tarte a la creme”. I discovered it last week-end over a great dinner with friends and discovered this delightful tarte: pate brisee + creme double de Gruyeres…. YUMMI! The restaurant is located next to the train station and prices are quite normanl (25.- for a fondue, 18.- the tarte for 8 persons)
  • Auberge du Col -de-Soud:
    This restaurant is nearly on the ski pists and welcomes families, skiers, sledgers,… Serving good quality Swiss dishes as well as delicious deserts (lemon/raspberry/daily tarts, meringue). Perfect for a break during your ski day!



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