I ♥ Gourmandises in Paris

          Of course you know that you can’t spend some time in Paris without making your senses go crazy ! It is a MUST to taste the sweetest pastries in the sweetest places 😉  

My Homemade “Chouquettes”

Salons de The

  • Chez Carette:
    Looking for a typical “salon de the”? Let me introduce you to my favourite one in Paris, “Chez Carette”. Choose a table where you are sure to be seen, order a coffee/tea/drink/whatever you want + a delightful chocolate macaron… wait for the magic to operate… you find yourself in heavennnnnn :p Enjoy the show of people passing by, maybe some celeb’s and if you are lucky the Sun will join you 🙂 Amazing address for a little “gourmand” break 😉
  • Angelina:
    Located under the famous “colonnes” on the rue de Rivoli, next to the Meurice Palace, Angelina has become a parisian legend thanks to their unique patries, cakes and sweets. They are especially known for their traditionally prepared hot chocolate and “Mont Blanc”, a special pastry based on chestnut cream and whipped cream. One word is enough to describe the place: Delicious…
  • A priori The:
    This super-cute-super-chic-super-sweet-super-cozy restaurant is located in a famous French “galerie” called “Galerie Vivienne”. A priori The is a typical Parisian “Salon de The” that is managed by an American woman offering you delicious scones and other homemade delicacies. I can’t wait to go back there and enjoy a nice hot tea and pastry after a relaxing walk in the Gallerie.


Queue in front of Pierre Herme, Paris


Macarons, Pastries

  • La Duree:
    This thipically French pastry shop has become so trendy and notorious that you can find it all over the world. Thanks to their cute pastries and macarons, they have made themselves a reputation in the “luxury pastries” world. It is a nice shop to stop by and even if you just watch the shop window you will already be entertained and drooling! Buy yourself a box of macarons, go home, close your eyes and let the senses’ trip begin!
  • Pierre Herme: 
    Pierre Herme has become in a few years the master of the macarons. If you pass by his shop on a Saturday, you will see 50 people queuing inorder to have the chance to taste his luxurious deserts. He has managed to make the difference by creating collections by seasons with the macarons, just like fashion designers do. He has succeeded in the art of assembling paradoxal tastes, thus, offering you an amazing and unique experience.
  • La Patisserie des Reves:
    My favorite pastry shop in town! You are looking for a cake? for some viennoiseries? It is the place for you! Philippe Conticini has studied apples for years in order to deliver the best “chausson au pommes”. In addition, you will have the opportunity to taste brioche with big sugar pieces on top. But “la creme de la creme”… the “saint honore”! 

Patisserie des Reves - Inside

Patisserie des Reves – Inside

 Patisserie des Reves – Outside


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