I ♥ Shopping in Paris

You’ve heared so much about how wonderful shopping in Paris can be, but you don’t know where to go? Here are the best districts to spend lots of money and have fun! I also provide you a subway map and the indications to get there (click).

Saint Germain des Pres (75006)

     As you might have noticed through the posts, “Saint Germain des Pres” is by far my favorite district in Paris! Indeed, there is so much entertainment there during the day that you might get confused in what to do 1st 😉 Well, here is 1 suggestion: shopping! You can find any type of shop for any style. This district is known as being chic but also “boheme”. Many writers, actors, publicists, intelectuals live here because of the cultural diversity and liveliness of the area. Take advantage of it and discover the cutest boutiques along the small and narrow streets. What I like is that there is a large offer in terms of shops, from the popular international brands to anonymous or growing designers. You can find very good deals. I believe that this is the district where you feel the true Parisian spirit.


  • Le Bon Marche – Allison – Princesse Tam Tam – Morgan Belo
  • Biba – Jonak – Minelli- Iro
  • Bathroom Graffiti – Zadig & Voltaire – Berenice
  • Sandro – Le Dressing
  • Maje – The Kooples – Ba&Sh


  • Metro Ligne 4, stop @”St Germain des Pres”
  • Metro Ligne 12, stop @”Sevres-Babylone”

Champs Elysees (75008)

  • Take pictures of you on the avenue,
  • Visit the huge international shops
  • And enjoy the crowd 🙂

     This part of Paris is very touristic and quite expensive for what it is. In my opinion, there are no special Parisian things to see and the prices are definitely over estimated. But it is still nice to hang out there and tell people: “been there, done that!”


  • Zara – Mango – H&M – Gap -Louis Vuitton
  • Sephora – Marks & Spencer – Fnac
  • Abercrombie & Fitch – Banana Republic – Virgin Megastore

    Louis Vuitton - Paris
    Louis Vuitton – Paris


  • Metro Ligne 1, stop @”George V” (near the “Place de l’Etoile“, at the beginning of the avenue)
  • Metro Ligne 1, stop @”Franklin Roosevelt” (next to the “Disney Store“, middle of the avenue)
  • Metro Ligne 1, stop @”Champs Elysees Clemenceau” (end of the avenue, next to the “Grand Palais“)


  • Avoid staying alone on the avenue by night, there are many weird people who might bother you.
  • Keep your belongings close, close your bag and put your personal stuff in it, there are many robberies
  • If you are a group of girls hanging out on the evening, stay close


Le Sentier (75002)

     Tired of the busy areas of Paris and ready to find some good deals in a creative district? Welcome in the vintage shops’ paradise and second hand boutiques! Many dancers/rock fans/hip-hop fans/ fashionists/trend setters do there shopping there, so you will find many stores dedicated to dance etc. But since this area is part of “le sentier”, textile district, there are also stores that sell in bulk. Little tip: you can enter, ask if they can sell directly to individuals, they might say yes and this is the time when you are happy: the prices are much cheaper than when you find the same products in the normal shop.


  • Diesel – Tequila Solo
  • Replay
  • Killiwatch


  • Metro Ligne 4, stop @”Etienne Marcel”


  • Many Chinese shops have opened in the area, don’t hesitate to negotiate the prices!
  • I don’t recommend you to hang out there alone by night

Le Marais – Rivoli (75004)

      Always known as the “Jewish district”, “Le Marais” has nowadays become more of a gay-friendly and fashion district. New shops are popping out regularly and everytime I go back there, there is always a new place that has appeared!  I love the architecture of the area that reminds of the old Paris! There are many exclusive shops, small outlets and also famous brands that have settled there. The main styles you will find in terms of shopping are: streetwear, casual, trendy, fashion, destroy, original, funky, peace&love etc… You can also find some vintage or second-hand shops. 1 good thing about the area is that most of the shops are opened on Sundays ;-D So not only can you enjoy a brunch with friends around noon, but you can also spend your afternoon doing some shopping !!!! The main street that you can’t miss is called “rue des Rosiers”.


  • Eleven
  • Zadig & Voltaire
  • American Apparel
  • K Jacques


  • Metro Ligne 1, stop @”St Paul” 


  • Stop by the traditional jewish food stores to taste some amazing delicacies (my favorite: Finkelstein – the blue one)

Palais Royal – Musee du Louvre (75001)

     So you’re in Paris and you didn’t find any Souvenir Shop ??? Okay you can go on the Champs Elysees for this, like everyone does… But why not change the habits and hang out in the museums’ area? This district is filled up with souvenir shops and original outlets and it is so much more pleasant than being surrounded by odd people 🙂



  • Metro Ligne 1, stop @”Palais Royal – Musee du Louvre”



  1. Hmm sad to hear that I missed abercrombie & f at champs elysee! All I can remember are the amazing sephora shop and of course LV and the likes 😉

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