I ♥ Shopping in Switzerland

     Well well, I know I haven’t been posting a lot these last days but let’s catch up!!! Switzerland is known as one of the most expensive countries in the world in terms of lifestyle etc. And this rule doesn’t exclude Shopping, on the contrary !!! I believe that it is not the place where you should shop at all, but for basics etc, you have no choice 😉 So here is my little list ^^



  In my point of view it is one of the great cities in Switzerland where you can hang out and actually have a choice in terms of shops. Because it is next to the French border, a lot of French names and brands have opened a boutique there. But don’t expect the prices to be “french” 😉 Even though the architecture and look of the city might let you think you are not in Switz. anymore, the price tags will remind it to you! Of course, as Geneva is also famous for being a very rich and wealthy city, you will find all the luxury brands you want there.


  • The Kooples – Bon Genie
  • Maje – Sandro – Hermes – Chanel
  • Pain de Sucre – Louis Vuitton
  • Village – Apple Store – Max Azria
  • Ann Thuile – Zara – H&M
  • Zadig & Voltaire
  • Le Grand Comptoir

Supermarkets/ “Grands Magasins”/ Malls:

  • Bon Genie
  • Globus
  • Manor
  • Balexert


     Lausanne is a traditionnal city with many hills and old buildings. It is very charming thanks to its proximity with the Geneva lake. The town is divided in several districts, all offering you approximately the same choice in terms of shops and shopping. But what I enjoy is that everything falls within a walking distance. Smart info: Lausanne hosts a very rich market during the week. Locals and farmers can sell their products and it is amazing to see how diverse the choice is. You can discover many great products.


  • Zara – Promod
  • H&M – Mango – Fnac
  • Maje – Sandro – Hermes
  • Massimo Dutti – Louis Vuitton
  • La Duree – Navy Boot – Mouton a 5 Pattes

Supermarkets/ “Grands Magasins”/ Malls:

  • Bon Genie
  • Globus
  • Manor
  • Metropole

Shopping Areas:

  • Rue de Bourg
  • Flon
  • Riponne


     This industrial zone is located not far from Morges and if you’re interested in making some good deals, go check out the “Aubonne Outlet“. You have many shops gathered in 1 place so you can spend the day there and go from 1 boutique to another.

  • Navy Boot
  • Nike – Mango
  • Adidas – Diesel
  • Ikea – H&M
  • Polo Ralph Lauren

Shopping Tips

  • Go to Annecy (1h from Geneva): small French town located next to a beautiful lake. Great shops in a very cozy and charming atmosphere.
  • For grocery shopping, if you live next to Geneva it is also recommended to cross the border to have access to the French supermarkets which are wayyyy cheaper and where you have wayyy more choice.
  • During Christmas time, try to go to the Montreux X-Mas market. In my point of view it is very well done and entertaining for everyone. There are many stands offering various food styles and because it is on the lake side, the “promenade” is really pleasant. A perfect X mas mood launcher 😉
  • Develop your online shopping skills ^^
  • How will you get around the country if you don’t know how trains work and blablabla? Follow this link (for trains) and this one (for buses) and prepare your trip safely 😉

Online Shopping Pro


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