I ♥ Tips in Switzerland

     As a young student, arriving for the 1st time in Switzerland was tough. You have no choice but to adapt your lifestyle to a new environment… But since I survived, I believe you will too, wether you are studying in Switzerland, starting an internship here or a new job.



Phone Contract

     Luckily, before starting a new life in Glion I had a friend living in Switzerland who advised me on which phone company I should choose between Sunrise, Swisscom and Orange. What I didn’t know is that there also is Lebara! So since no everyone has a friend who can advise you, let me be your advisor 😉 Should we go into details?

  • Swisscom:
    Swiss people and resident usually chose this company. Indeed, you are 100% sure that you will have network everywhere you go. But the drawback concerns the price: it is expensive. I don’t know if they have “student offers” or so, but I do know that they have special contracts if you make many phone calls to foreign numbers.
  • Sunrise*
  • Orange:
    This is the phone company that I chose to sign a contract with. It is very interesting as a student to be with Orange since they offer you “student advantages” such as: unlimited text messages, free calls on Swiss numbers etc.. Plus, since I travel often and as Glion students go on internship in foreign countries etc., you can put your contract on hold for 6 months (for free) once per year. They offer contracts for 1 or 2 years. Drawback: you don’t always have network! (but most of the time you do!) If you are in Bulle, the Orange shop in on the Grand Rue. In Montreux, the shop is next to the “forum”.
  • Lebara:
    Your new best friend!! This company offers you a sim card that you can charge with credit whenever you need and you make phone calls to any country for extremely cheap prices! You can buy the phone+simcard at the Post office for an approximate price of 30.-.


     When you arrive in a new country, going around/travelling can become quite a struggle. You must adapt yourself to the local system. Even though the transportation systems (bus, train,etc.) are VERY efficient, it is complicated to find your way (in my opinion). So my advice is: if you are staying in Switzerland for a year, get yourself a “demi-tarif“. You can buy it in a train station anywhere in Switzerland.

Survival Guide

  • Buy yourself a pair of earphones since Swiss people are allergic to noise and loud music and will not hesitate to make you pay for your happiness and positivity.
  • Don’t forget to change your car tyres if you are staying in the country during the winter.
  • In Bulle the gas prices are less expensive than on the Riviera.
  • In Bulle, make your grocery shopping in Aldi or Lidl (I consider Coop and Migros as legal thieves :-p ).
  • You will soon discover how calm and quiet life is here… Get psychologically prepared
  • Take advantage of being in the center of Europe to escape on week-ends

Survival Tools

More tips to come… Give your own tips via the “comments” !!


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