I ♥ Jobs in Switzerland

    Many people I know will soon finish school, look for a job, follow a new path.. Other people I know are often searching for part-time jobs opportunities or ways to earn some “pocket money”. I also like to earn my own money and am providing you now a list of places who hire extra staff.


Hospitality Industry

  • Hotel Pro
    I personnaly go through this agency any time I am desperate for a job. In order to apply, you contact them by mail or phone 1st, then they will ask you to stop by their offices in Lausanne/Geneva in order to sign a contract. They will contact you anytime they need someone for a short term assignment. Don’t worry, you can say no if you are not available. But if you say “no” too often, they will stop contacting you. This is why, after a period of non availibility dont be afraid to contact them yourself and notify them that you are available. The more you insist, the more it shows that you are motivated! In order to work you must have an appropriate permit (Permis B) and this agency doesn’t consider your nationality as a problem (none Swiss people can work).
  • Hotelis*
  • Randstad*
  • One Placement*
  • Lurati*
  • Myextras.Ch
  • Hosco
    This website was created by students from the EHL university (ecole hoteliere de Lausanne) and supports hospitality business students in their research for a job or internship. They provide offers from hotels in the entire world and for any possible hospitality business positions. This site also enables students to contact other students straight away.

Hostess Agencies

  • Be My Guest*
    This agency does not consider non Swiss people, you must have the Swiss nationality to be able to apply for a short term assignment. They offer really interesting part time positions for conferences, fairs and great events all over Switzerland.
  • Hotess Pro

I don’t know any other ways to find part time jobs guys… sorry! Of course you can always go around in shops and drop your CV but trust me: not so easy! Indeed, sales people are looking for people with a diploma or certificate and are very strict. When I was in Paris looking for a job in a Boutique of my neighborhood, all the sales people I met asked me for a motivation letter… Why would they need a motivation letter to sell CLOTHES? What can your motivation possibly be besides MONEY? Common’…. Another point: take advantage of your network!!! Your mum has a friend who owns a shop? PERFECT! forget about the stupid ideas that “taking advantage of your connections is shameful and blablabla…” that is the only way it works today! Times are tough, we should better get used to it!

I wish I had...
I wish I had…


  • In Switzerland, the best thing to do if you are looking for a part time job is to print out your CVs and go around, stop by the cafes, restaurants, bars and drop them personnaly. People will contact you if they need anyone.
  • In Switzerland there are many opportunities to earn money during the fairs, concerts, festivals that are happening all over the country (Montreux Jazz, Paleo,  Geneva Motorshow…)
  • Share your tips via the comments!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I don’t mind sharing my tips because I wish I had seen a page like this when I was struggling….

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