I ♥ Food in Brussels

     Hey there! So as you might have read in the “background page”, I also have a foot in Brussels, thanks to my mom. As I often visit her, I have started to gather a little list of good restaurant addresses. And yes, I will also tell you where to eat the best fries, waffles and mussels 😉 In Brussels what I like is that the quality of life is very good and prices are not expensive compared to cities like London or Paris. Plus, in terms of food and beverage outlets you have a lot of choice!

Belgian Waffles

Lunch Time

In this business oriented city, you will find many restaurants that will suggest light lunch menus.

  • Raconte Moi Des Salades:
    This restaurant is located on the “Place du Chatelain”, a very lively, young and chill area of the city. It is a small outlet that will provide you with salads and other dishes at reasonnable prices
  • Sushi Shop:
    As a big big sushi fan I can not NOT share that Sushi Shop is also present in Brussels (as well as in Paris and Geneva). They will delight you with fresh, original and affordable sushi meals 😉 You can also make sushi delivery!

Looking For Originality

In Brussels you have a lot of original restaurants. People there are quite artistic and innovative. I recommend you to go on the “Place du Chatelain”. Indeed, this area is full of restaurants that are worth spending an evening in.

  • Kif Kif Cafe:
    This restaurant is located in “Ixelles” and offers mainly dishes comming from all over the Mediteranean Sea such as Moroccan, Algerian, Greek food. The atmosphere is absolutley great: arab music, belly dancer on week-ends, friendly staff,… Plus, the budget for dinner is quite affordable considering that the dishes’ sizes are quite big. As it they offer “Mediteranean cuisine” you might think: “the food will not be as good as in Morocco” lol. But the quality of food is really good and worth it. If you want to take a trip outside the city for a night or escape your daily routine, I highly recommend you the Kif Kif! Of course there is a small drawback: don’t forget to make a reservation as it is quite a popular address. My favorite meal there? The “Tajine D’agneau aux pruneaux et amandes” 😉

    Belly Dancer @Kif Kif Cafe

    Belly Dancer @Kif Kif Cafe

Brasserie Style

  • Brasserie du Prince D’Orange:
    This brasserie style restaurant offers traditional French and Belgian cuisine. I recommend you to go there more with your family for a nice lunch or dinner. The service is perfect and efficient. You will be welcomed in a typical “brasserie decor”. Prices are more expensive than usual because the restaurant is located outside the city center, in Uccle, and it can be considered as a more upscale brasserie. 

Brunch Time

  • Le Pain Quotidien:
    This worldwide famous chain is Belgian! So of course you can imagine that they are present all over the country! In this restaurant you can both have lunch or breakfast or BRUNCH! I often go there when I am in town and never regretted it! Last time I tested the brunch with my friends and we all absolutely loved it! The decor is cozy, warm and traditional. I love to have lunch there and usually order the “chevre speculoos crumble salad” accompanied with a fresh homemade raspberry lemonade 😉 Prices are fair and service quite efficient. If you’re planning on going there for the Brunch, don’t go too late otherwise you might have to face the crowd and overwhelmed staff! Also for lunch time, if you go too late (around 1:30/2:00), all the dishes may not be available anymore cause everything is fresh.

Sweet Treats

  • Dandoy:
    If you have never heard of the Speculoos biscuits, shame on you 😉 You must taste these delicious and savory cookies before leaving Brussels!!! In this city-centered store you can get yourself some delicious waffles, cookies and other stuff to take home!
  • Cafe Tasse Store:
    Located in the centre of Brussels, next to the touristic area of the “Grand Place”, this store/cafe is offering a wide variety of traditional and exceptional Belgian chocolates. Instead of buying your chocolates in some industrial, touristic and chemical place around, stop by the Cafe Tasse Store, get yourself a nice hot chocolate or capuccino, order yourself some chocolate and spend some quality time surrounded with welcomming and charming staff. I believe it is from far the most cozy place in Brussels. They also have a terrace!

    Cafe Tasse Store @Brussels

    Cafe Tasse Store @Brussels


7 thoughts on “I ♥ Food in Brussels

  1. This post really made me smile. I spend last summer working in Brussels and I went to several of the places you mentioned, although I had forgotten about them until I read this! I used to go to the market at Place du Chatelain every Wednesday, it’s amazing!

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