I ♥ Culture in Brussels

     After several visits in Brussels, I must confess: my trips don’t always involve shopping. I also like to widen my horizons and cultivate myself a bit. Even though Brussels isn’t a very big city, it has a major role in the European Union and a great history to discover. In general it is quite a young city with a lot going on in terms of exhibitions, art, culture, music… People are open minded, very nice and will make you feel very welcome. If you’re in the Belgian Capital for a short week-end, you should start by taking a walk in the historic center and enjoy the architecture, the decor and Belgian atmosphere.

 Quick thing you must know about Belgium: 

  • They have the most famous comic books writers and creators (Tintin, Smurfs…) 
  • They have the greatest singers of all times (Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf…)
  • They have great beers and fries, yummy
  • They have great chocolate and waffles, super yummy

Grand Place

     The Grand Place is a highlight of your visit to the Belgian capital. The “Hotel de Ville” and architecture are both impressive. There are also many cafes and terraces if you want to enjoy a drink over there. It is a very touristic area where people from all over the world pass by. During Christmas, there is a “light and Sound” show happening and the Christmas market is implemented. Both of them a really great and attract a lot of people!

Grand Place – Bxl

Manneken Pis

     This little statue is one of the main attractions of the city. During the national day or for big events, it is even dressed with special costumes! Many times when I was looking for the Manneken Pis, I had to struggle to find it. Indeed, dont expect it to be a large statue ! It is so crowded in front of it that the crowd hides the little man!! But it is funny to see people’s faces when they discover that: “THATS IT???” hihi 😉

Manneken Pis – Bxl

Atomium – Mini Europe

     The Atomium and the Mini Europe center are both a bit ex-centered and require to go there by car or with public transportation (which I dont recommend because in Belgium public transportation are SO slow…). If you have kids or if you want to have some fun, do something special and discover an original place, I would recommend you to spend half a day there. The Atomium is a great piece of futuristic architecture that has a very very fast elevator. You can go from a sphere to another and you will enjoy a great view of the city! They dont have student prices unfrtunately.

     The Mini Europe park is fun to visit. You have all the famous monuments in mini sizes from each European country and in front of each monument you can touch buttons to activate a sound which is most of the time the country’s official music. I think its possible to buy at the same time a ticket for the atomium and M.E.

Mini Europe – Bxl


  1. LOVE this blog I can see it fast becoming a fav….We are going to Brussels too (just for 2 nights but it sounds like it could just be enough). Morgs my bf will be so excited to hear the history behind the comic books haha And I’m excited to hear about the fries and chocolate waffles. Im sooooo coming back from Europe a little bigger than when I started I just know it haha

    • Im glad to hear that my post will be useful to you and ur bf 🙂 stay tuned, today will be posted “I<3Shopping in Brussels" on which ive been working lately!!!!! You will have to try the "Cafe Tasse" chocolates (my mum's chocolates) U can trust me, not cause its my mum but u wont regret it ! all my friends can confirm :-p More info here http://www.cafe-tasse.com/

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