I ♥ Shopping in Brussels

     After living in France, more precisely in Paris for 10 years or so, the idea of Belgium that I had was pretty negative. For me Brussels was like the country side: a place where people were slow, too polite, and spoke with a weird French accent. As I am now writing this post, I am sure you understand that since that time, my mind has changed and this country/city turned out to be a true creativity revelation to me! Yes people are slower than in Paris. Yes, people are more relaxed and chill than in Paris. But… Belgian people are also more welcoming, charming, and nice! I like to define Brussels as the perfect compromise between living in Switzerland and Paris. When moving to Belgium, Brussels, you will get the Swiss quality of life mixed with some of the creativity and dynamic you could find in Paris. And as a bonus, you will get to discover the “Belgian Touch”. No wonder why more and more Parisian/French families decide to jump in the Thalys train, leave their stressful routines and embrace the Belgian lifestyle, right? 😉  

     Another of my preconcieved ideas about Belgium was that shopping was a foreign word for Belgian citizens. Where was this idea coming from again? I couldnt tell.. But what I can tell you now, is that Brussels is a city hosting a wide range of boutiques that if you knew about, you would die to check! Let me open your minds and lead you to my secret addresses 🙂

Avenue Louise

     This avenue is well reputed in the capital and is often called the “Belgian Champs Elysees”. This large and long avenue is full of shops and international brands but is also hosting the most luxurious names such as Tiffany & Co, Hermes, Dior etc… There are also several nightclubs in the area. So as you see, many of its characteristics match the French Champs Elysees.

  • Abercrombie&Fitch:
    Newly opened in the Belgian Capital! Worth a look inside and a picture with the male models but the prices are of course much higher than in the US and the collections are more restricted. Mainly basic pieces available.
  • Zara, Massimo Dutti, Pull&Bear, Bershka, Mango,…
  • Urban Outfitters:
    Recently opened in Brussels, the famous brand started its invasion. The choice is quite large even though the prices are also higher than in the states or UK. As the brand’s policy applies all over the world, you will still get your 10% discount if you’re a student.
  • SuperDry:
    This Belgian brand is quite similar to what A&F offers but tends to be even more casual. The prices are more or less similar to A&F also, even though it is a little more “sportswear”.
  • Maison Scotch:
    This brand comes from the Netherlands and starts to be quite famous now. The style they sell can be defined as “rock”, “casual”. It is funny cause they have the same approach as A&F: the strong perfume in the stores, the same type of shirts, the “basics” like the sweatshirts, sweatpants, shirts but in my point of view, a little bit more upscale style.
  • Bellerose:
    This typically Belgian brand can be found everywhere in Brussels. The style is both casual and vintage. It is quite an interesting boutique to be discovered but the prices are expensive considering the style of the clothes.

      Concerning the shoes, there are 2 or 3 “galeries” in which you can go and that are full of shoes shops ! There is a lot of choice !!!

Vintage & Friperies

If you are looking for some second hand shops and vintage clothes, shoes, accessories etc… Brussel has a lot to offer. Indeed, since it’s an artistic capital, these shops are a need. You have to head to “rue Haute” and just walk around and discover by yourself 🙂



Located out of the center of Brussels, these 2 chic and calm suburbs have some very nice boutiques to be visited. It is perfect to go there if you are tired of the crowd and people buzzing all around. Just escape from the city and go shop in peace 🙂

  •  No concept & Le dressing room:
    In these shop you will find gorgeous dresses, jeans and some designers’ pieces. The prices are not too high and there is quite a choice! I like to go there in order to avoid always going to Zara etc… If you are looking for something “different” at affordable and sometimes expensive prices, these are the places to visit!



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