I ♥ Nightlife in Beirut – Part 1

     I believe some of you have already planned their holiday but maybe some of my favorite readers haven’t done it yet. So perhaps this post will help you decide which destinations you’d like to discover over Summer. If you are looking for some powerful, crazy and yet memorable holiday, only one place will suit you: Beirut in Lebanon. Well known for having the best nightclubs and nightlife in the whole Middle-East, you will have the chance to experience the real meaning of “partying”. Because Nightlife in the Lebanese Capital is so rich and vaste, I will divide this topic into 2 posts. Here is the 1st part about the Show-Off Kingdom where you can’t enter a bar or club without having a reservation 😉 xx.


  • Behind the Green Door:
    Located in the popular and very lively Gemmayzeh street, the “Behind” as Lebanese young people call it is definitely the place to be seen during the week nights (Tuesday/Thurdays). Behind a large door and after greeting the bouncer, welcome in a “decadent” bar. Enjoy a fresh cocktail in a sieved and comfy atmosphere created by large red sofas, hipster music, chic wall decorations and lights.  Smart casual dresscode.
  • Bronx:
    This small bar is located in the “centre-ville” of Beirut and is a mix between New-York bars and Lebanese spirit. They are hosting an open-mic night on Tuesdays and serve delicious mini-burgers. The style and the interior of this bar make it quite a unique place. Very modern and urban design, live singers, and very crowded! Dont forget to make a reservation before heading there. Casual dresscode.
  • Central:
    This place is both a restaurant and a bar. On the ground floor your have the restaurant, and if you take the elevator/stairs, you enter a glass made “tube” which is actually the bar. I have never seen a bar like this before. It is A one-of-a-kind place where the windows can be opened, turning the “indoor” bar into an open air outlet. The very urban and metallic design mixed to a great “snakcks” menu and cocktails menu will turn your night into a special evening. Casual dresscode.
Le Central, Beirut
  • Habana:
    Looking for a fresh Strawberry Margharita? Well, stop looking, here is your place 😉 Located just a little outside of the center, this mexican place is both a bar and restaurant. I believe it is a great place to have some starters like nachos, guacamole and other mexican stuff whilst sipping fresh homemade cocktails. Casual dresscode.
  • Threesome*:
    Every time I go to Gemmayzeh with my boyfriend we always pass in front of this bar and it is ALWAYS crowded. So, I never actually tried their drinks and experience an evening there. It is known as being one of the most popular bars of the neighborhood and reservation is needed if you want to sit and enjoy your evening properly. You might not see the bar because it is not located exactly on the street, more in a perpendicular dark and narrow street. Casual dresscode. 



  1. This is a nice post! Central sounds good, I’m gonna try it & write about it and will link to your post 😉 Waiting for part 2 then 😉

  2. Haha your comment made me smile 🙂 I have never been to Hamra yet but I know it is a very popular place to go out! I will definitely party there it in June and my feedback will then be added to this exact post. You are lucky to go there for 3 months waouw i am so jealous, I am in love with Beirut! Hope you have a great time there and if you want to share some places i have missed, dont hesitate to comment or email 😉 Cheers!

  3. I’m on my way for 3 months to Beirut. I chuckled when I read your line “he Show-Off Kingdom where you can’t enter a bar or club without having a reservation.” I come from the US on my 4th visit to Beirut. All my Lebanese friends know these places, because those are THE places to go. But we never go for just that reason. I hope the second part of your post reflects on the soul found in Hamra, where the partying goes just as strong but without the showing off… well, kinda 😉

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