I ♥ Nightlife in Beirut – Part 2

The One
The One



Indoor Nightclubs

     In Beirut, whether it is summer or winter, party never stops. So here are some clubs where you should be seen & where you can enjoy dance, drink & listen to some good music instead of hibernating.

  • Al Mandaloun:
    If you are looking for a perfectly traditional and Lebanese atmosphere, let me introduce you to the Al Mandaloun Club. Live singers will entertain you until the Sun rises while dancing, eating Lebanese meals, and having fun! The interior is also very traditional with large sofas and many tables.
  • Maison Blanche:
    People in this club are quite young, between 18 and 25 I would say. Interior is very nice and cozy and music is good.
  • Palais by Crystal:
    This club has been renovated not a long time ago and the whole interior was changed. Very trendy and glamourous decor and atmosphere. At the entrance you have large bowls of candys and the most famous nights there are: R’n’B nights. The people attending this club are usually between 18 and 25. Good music, nice interior and young adults.
The White, Beirut

Roof Tops/Outdoor Nightclubs

  • B018*:
    I have never been there yet but I am really willing to discover it. You can click this link to learn more about the B018 nightclub experience 😉 It is one of the most famous clubs in the world due to its very original and unique decor (bomb shell). The roof opens up in the middle of the night! Thus, you have the opportunity to dance whilst staring at Lebanon’s beautiful sky 🙂 (only club you dont have to be dressed too chic ^^)
  • Iris:
    Located on a roof top, this very chic and glamourous club is one of my favorite. I would define it as both a lounge, bar and club. Indeed, the interior is very trendy with design elements and you even have live singers sometimes. The bar is very long and big and you can also have dinner there. Maybe one of my favorite places to go out at night in Beirut ! Recommended: champagne/passion fruit cocktail 😉


  • Pier 7:
    This club opened a year ago and is located next to the Sea. Unfortunately, it is also located next to the Waste reception center… To cover the smell, their is a fresh coconut perfume that is sprayed in the venue. But besides this little inconvenience, I really liked the way the club is set up. The dance floor is a large circle and tables are displayed all around. In the center of the dancefloor stands a beautiful bar and everytime a champagne bottle is ordered, dancers coming down of the metallic bars bring it to the table. The interior is all black and the entrance all red. Eventhough I have been there only once, I had a great time.
  • Skybar:
    THE place to be  in Beirut. Popular and famous accross the world, this bar is always full of people. It is also next to the Sea and on a rooftop. You must definitely spend a night there if you want to have the true “Beirut” nightlife experience. The most famous DJs have passed by this nightclub. And when you exit the place, there is a photographer taking pictures of attendees with polaroid camera and when waiting for the picture to appear he sings: “Shake it Shake it Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture” 😉
  • White:
    I believe it is one of the most beautiful club in Beirut. The interior and furnitures are all white, large and big bar, pinkish/purple-ish lighs, cozy and so glamourous atmosphere. The music on another hand is pretty particular. You must like house music very much to stay the whole evening there lol. They also serve food which is delicious and that I would highly recommend you to taste: mini burgers, salads, starters.. Very cute stuff: large bowls of candys and marshmallows and fruits displayed on the bar !
Skybar, Beirut



 We are looking forward to reading your feedback and comments ! LYA xxx



  1. Woooow, you have been to all these places! You’re more Lebanese than a Lebanese! 😉 Perfect list!

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