I ♥ Food in Beirut – Part I

     LYA is back to you with some great addresses collected directly in Beirut, Lebanon. After a great Summer break, here we are, back to school and ready to share experiences with you 😉 If you are planning on going to Beirut and spend a fun time there, dont forget to check our to-do list below!! In Lebanon, one of the people’s favourite activity, EAT! Big change in Beirut: the restaurants and bars are taking a step into the smoke free world! Some of them are already 100% smoke free whereas others have implemented 1 smoke free day in the week.


  • Margharita:
    Known by everyone in Beirut as the best pizza in town, this small restaurant offers a wide choice of fresh starters, many varieties of pizza styles and also traditional italian dishes. What we like was that the restaurant is small, it increases the exclusivity of the place. If there is a queue in front of the restaurant, DO IT, DONT LEAVE. Second of all, the particularity of the pizzas is that it is made traditionally in the big pizza oven. Concerning the price, it is not that cheap but still affordable.

  • Urbanista*
    This restaurants is a cozy, trendy place offering light and healthy food in a vintage/urban decor.
  • The Gathering:
    This unique place is a gathering of 3 restaurants: The Cellar, Italian and Grill. The 3 restaurants are located around a place which turns the area into a small cozy village. The 3 restaurants are placed into old traditional Lebanese rocks houses which is a great addition of traditional style and charm. In the Cellar you can chose your wine and enjoy delicious snacks, in the Italian restaurant, you will have the opportunity to taste some nice traditional Italian meals and pizzas, and in the Grill you will have to taste the quality meat and burgers. The prices are fair enough and the atmosphere is pretty unique.


  • Burger Bite:
    This burger place offers amazing mini burgers at very affordable prices!!! The great opportunity with the “bites” concept is that you can taste many different burgers without being too stuffed. The waiters are very friendly and will welcome you with a smile. It is opened very late in the night and since it is located next to some popular nightclubs, you can head there after a party!

  • Oceanus:
    If you are fancying some fresh and delicious sushis in Beirut, Oceanus will staisfy your needs!!!! Their sushis are innovative, fresh and affordable. The restaurant is pretty small but you can be sure that your meal will be a success. They also propose other dishes such as salads, fish, pasta if your friends are not willing to eat japanese food.
  • Waterlemon:
    This healthy fast food is located in the ABC Ashrafieh mall and offers healthy dishes such as: quinoa, edamame, salads, chicken etc.. The portions are very generous and prices are affordable. The design of the place is pretty modern and furnitures are white. The restaurant is part of a chain and is pretty successful. They also offer fresh fruit juices and lemonades.


  • Montagnou:
    This restaurant is located in one of the famous ski villages of Lebanon and is different if you go there in winter or summer. During winter it definitely is the place to be after a long day of skying in order to be seen enjoying a fondu with many friends on a big table 😉 During Summer on the other hand they open their infinity pool and their outside bar. It becomes the trendiest place to tan, enjoy some rose on the sunbeds and obviously, be seen!! Prices are pretty expensive though but definitely worth it!! LYA recommends you to stay until the sun goes down. You will have the most exceptionnal view ever! Plus, you will avoid the pollution and grey sky of the city!


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