I ♥ Survival Kit in London

Dear All, I have been spending quite some time in London lately (romance purpose 🙂 ) and have been experiencing the true meaning of “expensive” life. Indeed, if you go there, you will also discover how everything in the British well known capital costs so much money! In order to make you life a bit lighter and a bit cheaper, here are my little tips that you will consider, especially if you are planning on moving in there or staying there for a few months:

Phone Contracts

  • THREE:
    If you are planning on staying in London for a short time (6months to 1year), this is the best phone operator you can choose. They offer you for 15pounds: unlimited internet, 300minutes of call inside GB, and 3000 sms in GB.
  • GifGaf:
    Same style as Three but some of my friends say its even more interesting price-wise.

Internet Contracts

    Best quality/price ratio in town !! for only 22pounds/month you get unlimited internet and a great package! Ps: important thing to know is that whatever your internet supplier is, you will have to wait 1month min. before getting it installed in your flat, so call the provider ASAP 😉


As you might have been told or have discovered it yourself, transportation is so expensive in London. So before arriving there for short/long trip, get yourself a good pair of sneackers!!! Indeed, you will discover that walking is the cheapest way to get around. Other wise, here are a few tips:

  • Oyster Card:
    Instead of buying a ticket for each trip you will make, get yourself an oyster card. You can buy it in any tube station at the guichet and will save quite some money ! This card works when using buses and tube !! Careful, there are lots of pickpockets in London!
  • Student Discount:
    If you are studying in London, in a British University, you will have the chance to be given may reductions in term of transportation. So for example, you can get a monthly card with around 30% discount.
  • Taxis:
    Taxis in London are SO expensive it is almost a legal robbery!! Seriously it is not normal. So, if you have another option, I suggest you take it ^^ But, I must say, the taxi drivers in London are quite friendly and open minded, so dont be afraid to chat a bit and ask about some tips 😉 They enjoy having conversations with the passengers!
  • Bikes:
    There is a system in London called “barclays bikes” that exists also in other capitals such as in Paris where you can rent a bike for a very small amount of money. If the weather is nice, it is the perfect way to get around. It works if you have an oyster card or a credit card. You cant rent it with cash.



If you are a student, don’t forget your student ID to get great discounts in shops !!!! Some shops like TopShop have special “student discounts” days! 


As a student or young professional in London, you might enjoy a good beer or refreshing cocktail after class or work. But you will find out that going out for drinks in the capital can be pretty expensive. You have different options:

  • Happy hours are popular so you might as well take advantage of this British concept and LYA advises you some nice bars/pubs here.
  • House party rules in London: bring your own drinks/bottles. In Paris or Switzerland people bring drinks and share with everyone but in London, you bring YOUR bottle and KEEP it for yourself :p
  • Pimms’o’clock: discover this fresh fruitty drink and enjoy it in the park with friends 🙂 tested and approved :p



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