Burgers ♥ Everyone

     Every time we visit a new city, we go through our contact list looking for friends to recommend us some good restaurant addresses, and the best places for … burgers! After travelling in different countries, we can now make our own restaurants and burgers recommendations. Here are a few that diserve to be tasted.

Beyrouth – Burger Bites

I must say that there are a lot of places in Beyrouth where you can enjoy a very good hamburger (Classic Burger Joint, Roadtser, White’s mini burgers, Burger Joint, Triple S…)! And burgers have become such a trend that it is hard to keep up ! Our favourite one though was from Burger Bite.


Nutella Bite

We loved:

  • Interior – minimalistic, diner style, bright colours
  • Atmosphere
  • Location: next to the clubs (Palais, Crystal, Maison Blanche)
  • Price – very affordable
  • Fun Concept
  • Opening Hours (opened super late, non stop service)
  • Small size of the hamburgers – bite sizes 🙂
  • Large diversity of Choice

Not so good:

  • The bun
  • Nutella burger is a little dry
  • Small place
  • Fries: a bit borring 



Located in the super chic area of Concorde/Tuileries of the 1st arrondissement of Paris, this very small and exclusive restaurant will blow your mind with their amazing dishes from all over the world. Ferdi is quite THE address to try when it comes to burgers in the city of love. Indeed, I bet that you have never tasted such a melting and delicious meat 😉  

We loved:

  • Incredible, melting, fresh delicious meat
  • THE AMAZING SAUCE (special ferdi sauce)
  • Perfect buns
  • Funny and friendly crazy waiters 
  • Cozy, small and warm atmosphere
  • Great quote in the toilets :p (“si tu avales une noix de coco, tu fais confiance a ton anus” – “if you swallow a coconut, you must trust your anus”)
  • Varied and excellent menu with dishes from all over the world
  • Quality of the food – a la minute
  • Concept
  • Kanye & Kim K. like it too ^^

Less good:

  • Price: expensive burger (25euros/burger, then you have to add your sidedishes etc.)
  • Reservation to be made minimum 1 week before the date
  • Tiny venue

Big Fernand

Big Fernand is not a big man called Fernand, but it is definitely the new big French burger you’ll have to taste in town! Located in the 9th arrondissement of Paris, an area which is a little less uptight than where Ferdi lives and ideally next to the Gare du Nord, Fernand was introduced to me by my dad before I had to take the train back to London. You’ll enter, order and leave in less than 30minutes (faster than McDonalds). You might think this short time lapse won’t give you a chance to enjoy your burger to the fullest but trust me, 30 minutes are enough for this foodgasm.

The Big Fernand Burger
The Big Fernand Burger


We loved:

  • The simplicity of the presentation – burger in a brown paper package
  • The delicious fries
  • The fast service
  • The super melty fatty cheese in the burger
  • The super fresh and juicy meat
  • The price – affordable

Less good:

  • The queue
  • The small venue – its true that I would have enjoyed spending a little more time in the restaurant, not feeling in a rush

London – Meat Liquor

Located in the area of Oxford Street, behind the John Lewis Department store, this rock’n’roll food heaven is one of the most popular address  for a juicy burger. My boyfriend even told me not to eat in the morning in order for my stomach to be ready to welcome this fatty bun !!! If you are familiar with how restaurants operate in London, you’ll know that a famous place MUST have people queuing on the street. So be prepared to wait for this one 😉 

We loved:

  • Interior: half punk – half rock, great tunes and wall paintings
  • Waiters: nice friendly and as rock’n’roll as the interior
  • Service: very fast and efficient
  • Price – affordable
  • Location – city centre
  • Hudge onion rings 😮 !!!
  • Amazing fries covered with cheese and beef (A – M – A – Z – I – N – G)

Less good:

  • No reservation so queue has to be anticipated by arriving quite early (opened at lunch and dinner, less people at lunch time)
  • Too many burger choices :p

Jam – Saanen

Saanen is a tiny little ski village located a few minutes away from Rougemont/Gstaad in Switzerland. In order to get there, you better have a car, good winter tyres and be prepared for a 40min drive (from Bulle, FR)! But it is worth the trip. 

DYO Burger - Jam
DYO Burger – Jam
The fondant au chocolat !
The fondant au chocolat !


We loved:

  • The fact that you can customise your burger by picking elements from the “ingredient list”
  • The real swiss cheese
  • The rock’n’roll contrast of the venue with the typical pictorial atmosphere of the Swiss village
  • The music
  • The friendly staff

Less good:

  • Quite pricy for a burger
  • The fondant au chocolat is a big MUST (even though you can’t eat anything after the burger 🙂 )
  • Hard to find the restaurant

Ps: the best burgers remain the ones you make yourself at home with good company and good wine 😉


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