I ♥ Piccadilly Institute

     Hey Hey !! After food, shopping, tips and survival kit, here comes the Drink Post! If you’re planning on meeting with friends in London and having drinks there, here are some suggestions you might like to take a closer look at 🙂

As you may be aware of, English people are very found of Happy Hours, Bing Drinking, Pimms and Beer. Even though this might be seen as a true English Stereotype, it is not so wrong after all 😉 However, another thing people in London enjoy is gathering around a bunch of drinks and have fun! What I have noticed in London is how expensive life is in general, and the alcoholic drinks are part of this statement… Fortunately, you are reading LYA and will be aware of the places where you can enjoy some not-too-expensive alcoholic beverages.

Piccadilly Institute

Located in Piccadilly Circus, this 3 or 4 floors pub-bar-club is a great address to know if you like enjoying a night out with friends! On each floor and in each room there is a special theme or atmosphere: rock n roll, commercial, punk, disco fever, chill/lounge… Thus, whenever your mood changes, just change room! I have discovered this place thanks to a very dear friend of mine and am now sure that you, readers, will enjoy it too 🙂

The piccadilly institute has a special offer: between 5 and 9PM everyday, there is a 50% Discount on every drinks!!!! Which is a pretty cool deal. The age range goes from 18 to 40 (from LYA’s point of view), but I guess it depends on the room you are in and on the day you are going. Don’t forget your ID, we never know. Concerning the dresscode, it is not very strict. Good to Know: it is better if you are planning a night out in advance to make a table reservation 😉

Champagne Effects

The place also offers a food menu with mini burgers that looked quite delicious, perhaps worth trying ? Let us know if you’ve tried this place out and if you have any thoughts/comments you’d like to share, we are looking forward to reading about your experiences  🙂

LYA xx.



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