I ♥ Taking Parents Out

     You are living abroad, far from the family and enjoying your life. One day, your parents decide it would be nice to come and visit you! At this moment, your stress rises and you start doing all you can so that your parents will be impressed and satisfied with their visit. First step: find a hotel room for your parents. Second step: clean your appartment/room (you don’t want your parents to see that you live in a huge mess, which you do). Third step: grocery shopping (you don’t want your parents to think you are too lazy to cook, which you are). Then comes the welcoming. After showing your visitors around, here comes the crucial question: “where are you taking us for lunch/dinner?”. At this exact moment, if you don’t have the answer, be ready to discover the disappointed face of your visitors… You don’t want that, do you? In order to avoid disappointing your guests and to avoid the very long silence that will follow the question, here are a few suggestions of restaurants that will be perfect for family reunions 🙂



3 Magic Rules:

  • If you are living in the middle of nowhere, such as in Bulle, Switzerland, or in any kind of village in the world, your parents will certainly be willing to visit the traditional places and taste the traditional dishes. So avoid taking them to the places you hang out with your friends, even though they will make an effort to make you feel comfortable, they don’t really like that.
  • Always ask your friends for advices first. But not the friends who never see their parents, the ones who have already received a visit from their families and have passed the restaurant test ^^.  Perhaps they will advise you to go to a restaurant you hadn’t thaught of.
  • Always make a reservation, it will make you look more responsible and mature in front of your relatives :p I believe you’d like to avoid the situation when you enter the place and are kindly told “we are fully booked tonight, 1h to wait before we have a free table”. 


Let us know if you have encountered these types of situation before and how your family/parents reacted! Do you have additional advices? Share it with us and readers via the comments 🙂 LYA xx.


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