I ♥ Dirty Martini

     Hello from London everyone! Since it is the week end I thought that sharing a post about Happy Hours,  involving finger food and cocktails, could be a great way to start writing again 😉 Do you know the concept of happy hour? If not, well it is a marketing strategy in order to get consumers to come to your venue and consume drinks and food. Restaurants , pubs and bars make special offers such as “buy a drink and get one free”, or 50% off your second drink etc. They also provide you with a very nice menu filled with finger food choices such as mini burgers, chicken wings…

The Happy Hours take place usually between 17h00 and 20h or even 21h in special establishments or on week ends. The HH ambiance is very nice, everyone is chilling and enjoying their drinks. English or foreign people in London like to gather and enjoy each others’ company. LYA experienced a very good one and is now sharing its review 🙂 

Dirty Martini

This very trendy bar, lounge and restaurant is located in Covent Garden, Bishopsgate and in Hanover Square in London. You can choose either the chic area or the ambianced area. LYA tested the one in Hanover Square which is underground and looks like a cave. The positive aspect of the place is definitely the decoration and interior which is a mix between stones and comfy sofas but also a touch of technology and modernity. The tamed light spices up the general atmosphere. The staff on the other hand was not very responsive to our order and took a long time to bring us our drinks. HH times are rush times in bars but still, the staff should be aware of that and ready to be 100% focused on the guests. Except from that, the evening was very enjoyable and we definitely recommend you to taste the pita&hummus dips, and the passion martini shown below…. Delicious 🙂 The prices are affordable and the average age of people in the venue are between 20 and 45. Dont forget your ID though, the bouncer always checks if you are legally allowed to enter.

  • Always make a reservation for a table before going to a bar/pub/restaurant
  • On the week days, HH are very demanded so get to the place in time or your table will be given away
  • Dont forget your ID !

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