I ♥ Jobs in France

     Perhaps you guys are on holiday like LYA and are looking for part-time or full time jobs to fill your free time, below LYA provides you with a list of helpful websites!

Hostess Agencies – Paris

  • Charlestown*
    Located in the 16th District of Paris (75016), this agency is very popular and enjoyable to work with. You can subscribe via their website and will then be asked to stop by the agency in order to participate to a group interview. Of course you must dress up appropriately and show your motivation. They offer your great part time jobs and very various ones. I did not work with them but I still receive the job offers via mail and am very impressed with the opportunities that show up in my inbox! I highly recommend this agency for one reason: they are very professional and will give propose you the best part time jobs. 
  • Flux People
    I worked with this agency when I was still in Paris and did several PT’s. They contact you mostly for “street marketing” and fairs but they pay pretty well for the type of job and contact you often if you show your availibility. They provide you with a uniform and pay in time. This agency is handled by young and friendly staff.

All Jobs

  • L’Etudiant
    On this website you will find a lot of opportunities if you are looking for a part time job. There are a lot of offers and in any “domain” such as: hospitality, babysitting, hostess, web designers, school assistants etc etc etc… The positive aspect of this website is that they do not only focus on “France” but they offer jobs all over the world. Of course, the choice is more limited but still.


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