I ♥ HR Giger

     A few weeks back, LYA went to the impressive and weird place called the HR Giger Bar in Gruyeres, a very small village in the canton of Fribourg. This village is very well known for 3 things: the castle, the cheese factory, the HR Giger Museum and Bar. After stopping by the Giger Bar, I just remembered I have not posted any article yet about the drinks and coffee places in Switzerland… Shame on me right?! ‘Cause its not that there are no such places, it is just that they’re hidden 🙂


HR Giger Bar

The bar and museum are located at the very top of the main street of the village, next to the Gruyeres castle. If you don’t know that this great place is there, you might miss it. You will first be surprised by the interior decoration which is mainly made of bones and alien faces (click the title for the story). After having visited the village and gone around, you might not believe it but its quite a cozy cafe. The most well known drink is presented below and is worth trying it! This cafe will please your friends, family and parents!

HR Giger Bar


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