I ♥ Marshmallow Hot Cocoa

With this freezing weather, what could possibly be better than to share a sweet little post about a hot chocolate with you? Thanks to a very dear friend, LYA discovered this Sunday the perfect place to spend an afternoon in without spending too much money. Located in the area of Kings Cross station, this super kitsch and original cafe combines the activities of coffee shop, restaurant, nightclub and creative workshops. But their specialty is… Marshmallow hot chocolate… and based on our experience, YOU MUST TRY IT TOO!

Drink Shop & Do
Drink Shop & Do

At the Drink Shop & Do cafe, everything can be bought: the chairs you sit on, the super kitsch Elvis Presley clock on the wall, the table your cake is lying on! As soon as you enter the venue, you pass by a little shop where you will find a range of funny gadgets such as notepads or necklaces… Take the stairs and discover this:

Cakes & Sweet Treats at DD&S
Cakes & Sweet Treats at DD&S

Question: what does a normal person do when confronted to such a beautiful show? ONE STAYS! And if you do stay like we did, you will have to taste this:

Marshmallow & Cream Hot Chocolate
Marshmallow & Cream Hot Chocolate

Served in the cutest cups comes the marshmallows and cream hot chocolate! I must say it is not as heavy as it looks (hard to believe I know but trust us 🙂 ) We even ordered a fresh brownie with raspberry seeds inside…. heavenly good!! 3.50£ for the hot chocolate which normally comes with an additional hot chocolate to pour over the marshmallows and 3£ for the cake.
The positive points of this place are the atmosphere: chill music, free games available (scrabble and more), hipster waiters, originality and price. On the other hand what we did not really appreciate was that we did not get the extra hot chocolate cup to pour over the marshmallows… 😦 and they were out of red velvet cakes which are very popular and apparently worth the try… We will come back for the afternoon tea which looked delicious though!


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