I ♥ 48Hours in Zurich

     Zurich is known as one of the most entertaining and lively city in Switzerland. People even perceive Zurich as being the only “real city” in the country. Located in the German speaking part of Switzerland, this beautiful city is quite international and young. After living in Switzerland for more than 2years already, my grand parents considered I HAD to visit Zurich and thus, planned a nice family trip there. The easiest way to reach the city is to travel by train. Indeed, it only takes 2h and something from Lausanne and you won’t have to worry about parking and tickets.

Beautiful day in Zurich
Beautiful day in Zurich

Kindli Hotel

My grand parents and I all stayed in the cutest hotel in town: the Kindli Hotel. Located 2 minutes away from the Banhof Strasse (the main street) in the old city, this lovely establishment also hosts a superb restaurant. As soon as you enter the hotel, a strong candle smell overwhelms you and puts you in the cozy end-of-year-mood. The rooms are very comfortable and well arranged in order to make you feel at ease and at home. The decoration  is very elegant and time less, thus differing from the modern hotels that are popping out lately 🙂 Good point is the free access to internet and wifi! Moreover, the price includes service, breakfast buffet and internet. Concerning the breakfast buffet, you won’t be disappointed by the german traditional food you’ll find: muesli, fresh bread, butter and jams, cheese, eggs, ham and salmon… All of the food is served fresh and is super well presented on the large buffet, making you want to eat it all! The service is impeccable, even surpassing the 5* sophistication and absolutely perfect to spend quality time with  family during a relaxing trip;) 

Kindli Hotel Breakfast
Kindli Hotel Breakfast
Only in Zurich 🙂


The city is not so big but it is very pleasant to walk along the streets, do some shopping, look at the traditional swiss-german buildings,… we tried several restaurant including the Kindli restaurant (traditional food), Cantinetta Antinori (Italian cuisine), the Hiltl (Vegan food). We had amazing and quality meals in each of them and below is there individual review:

  • Kindli Restaurant:
    The restaurant offers varied dishes from traditional to more contemporary cuisine styles. We tasted the risotto and the thuna and guacamole started. All of it was amazing! Positive aspects: very good service, varied and large menu choice, in the bathroom you will find toothbrushes and nail files (very smart idea 🙂 )
Good ideas at the Kindli
Good ideas at the Kindli
Black Truffle Risotto
Black Truffle Risotto
Guacamole & Tuna
Guacamole & Tuna
  • Cantinetta Antinori:
    This famous traditional restaurant is located in a very cute paved street of Zurich. The restaurant has also 3 different locations, in Vienna, Moscow and Florence. The atmosphere is warm and friendly and service is also very good. It is the perfect restaurant to have good food, good wine and family quality time 🙂 Concerning the food, the menu offers a large choice of Toscane dishes prepared according to the Italian traditions. 

Cantinetta Antinori

  • Hiltl:
    One of the most famous and the oldest Vegetarian address in town! This huge restaurant exists since 1898 and is spread on 2 floors. We went there for the Brunch and discovered how interesting and original Vegetarian food can be. The brunch buffet smells and looks very good and you can taste such varied and healthy dishes: pastries, quinoa salads, lentils samosas… As soon as you sit you have the choice between ordering from a set menu or choose the brunch formula. The brunch formula is better since you can taste everything, hot and cold, sweet and salty! You go to the buffet and before going back to your seat, you are asked to weigh your plate. At the end of the meal, the waiter/waitress will add up the bills 🙂 The place was packed and many families come on the Sunday to spend a good time at Hiltl. Large groups can come for an event as there are very big tables and lots of space. The interior is also pretty cool as it is all set to make the customer feel at home with kitchen furnitures like ovens, fridges, cupboards, drawer chests… Dont forget to make a reservation 😉

Walking around the city

Zurich is one of the nicest city to discover by foot 🙂 The old city is absolutely stunning with the old typical swiss-german architecture. The streets go up and down and if you are lucky to have a bit of Sun, you will enjoy the beauty of the lake side. 

Zurich 327608478871601695_21400783

Additional Tips & Info

  • Dont miss the Zurich Street Parade
  • During the Summer the lake side is quite refreshing and stunning
  • The clubs and bars are very famous there
  • International and young city

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