I ♥ Moroccan Afternoon Tea

Very casually last Tuesday, LYA was invited to a great restaurant called Momo and located in the Regent’s Street Food Quarter. In this area you will find many other restaurants and bars like the Icebar, Strawberry moon, The Living Room… But we decided to try the perfect Moroccan Aternoon Tea and weren’t disappointed! As soon as you enter the venue, you are welcomed by smiling waiters. You have now entered a North African decor and are totally disconnected from the wild city life. Momo’s Morrocan lounge is identical to the ones you will find in Marrakech: large Moroccan sofas, big round low tables. If you need to escape the daily routine and take a trip in an another culture, this is the place you want to be in.

Momo's Delightful Afternoon Tea
Momo’s Delightful Afternoon Tea

The traditional afternoon tea at Momo is made up of 4 scones with jam and butter, mint tea, salmon mini sandwiches, macarons, chocolate and lemon mini cakes, a plate of Moroccan delicacies, cheese briwats and other Moroccan stuff I don’t know the names of ^^.  The food is all fresh and balances perfectly the sweet and salty, hot and cold, crunchy and soft, Morocco and England elements!

LYA at Momo London
LYA at Momo London

The price is pretty correct considering the amount of food you are served (22£). The restaurant also serves dinner and lunch but you must make a reservation before popping in 🙂


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