I ♥ Real American Burgers

     The restaurant LYA will introduce you to today will make you travel back in time, and more precisely back in the 50’s. You believe that the only way to enjoy a big juicy burger is to sit in a typical American diner? Well then, you have no choice but to go try the Tropical Cafe. Red stools, black and white floor, kitsch neon lights, blue walls and a big American menu! This restaurant and I have a history: I have been going to the Tropical since I am 8 or so but haven’t been there in a while, until last week. I had forgotten how familiar this place can be, but I still remembered the name of the waiter that used to be working at the Tropical 10 years ago 😉 


Tropical CafeI remember always ordering the same dish, whether I was with my girlfriends or my parents: Gorgonzola Burger…. Just thinking about it makes me shiver! Super huge meat and bun, perfectly cooked, melting fresh gorgonzola cheese, homemade coleslaw and hot potatoes with sea salt… Can you picture it? Of course the place is always packed and they don’t take reservations so you’d better get there early enough! 


Do not think you can get away without having one of there super good, fatty, sweet and typically American dessert 😉 You must try the cheesecake, brownie, carrot cake or get a milkshake or the 4! LYA also recommends the salmon bagels, the Caesar salads and the scrambled eggs. If you are planning on going there, think of LYA and our good old times 🙂

Have a great week-end readers, all the best from London.





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