I ♥ Xmas Preparation in London

     Getting ready for the holiday food marathon? Have you finished your christmas shopping already? Tic…tac…tic…tac… D-7!! Personally, I have 🙂 hihi But I must say it has been quite a challenge, to say the least, to go christmas shopping in London! I thought it was a crowded city but now that I have seen London in the christmas season, crowded has reached another level. The level where you are stuck in Hamleys‘ 3rd floor queuing for 2hours to fill in a cuddly toy…

On Oxford Street
On Oxford Street

So in order to avoid this giant human wave, just get organised! Do you know how nice and comfortable and cozy it is to go shopping when shops are NOT crowded and you can actually hear the lyrics of the songs in the store? Avoid peak hours and try to go gift hunting in the morning or in the evening, after 8:00 PM. After having lived in Switzerland for about 3 years I can tell you it is still weird to discover open shops after 7:00 PM on a Tuesday ^^ But I just guess I’ll have to get used to it 😉

Christmas celebrations also have a good side: I was caught singing Christmas carols while baking chocolate chip cookies last time… It really gets to you ^^ and these songs tend to put you in a cheerful mood. Living abroad really teaches you that family time is important and if you don’t manage to create some, you’ll miss the whole thing… Enjoy holidays dear readers 🙂 

By the way, did you know that there was a official Christmas website????

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