I ♥ Food in Villars

     I am writing to you today from the bottom of my bed where I have been lying, sick, for 3 days now… Great way to start 2013 right? 🙂 Anyways, hope you all had an amazing NYE and that you all have started the year in a better way than LYA! So im lying in bed and just dreaming to be on the slopes, having fondue for lunch and enjoying the bright mountain sun… I have been going to the same ski village called Villars-sur-Ollon in Switzerland since I am a little kid and have been enjoying going back there every year!  This is why I am sharing all my good addresses with you today! Enjoy 🙂

Sunny day on the slopes of Villars
Sunny day on the slopes of Villars


In winter, you have to keep warm.. This is why I suggest you start eating more haha 🙂 Below you can find some good restaurants to visit with friends and family around the village and on the slopes.

Pizza & Pancakes

A great place I like to go back to every time I am craving a big fat pizza is Francis. And each time I end up ordering the same “hawaiian pizza” without ever getting bored ^^ But you don’t have to take this one 😉 Francis has a very large choice of different dishes, Italian or not and if you are on a diet, they have a nice little salad bar. The restaurant is quite big with two rooms. During the peak ski season and especially during the week-ends, its better to make a reservation. In terms of dessert, you should try the pancakes which are large, fatty and super yummy! I used to come here with my summer camp friends in the old times to gather around some nice “dude food” and chill… but I guess its also a very nice family place.

Traditional Swiss Food

If you want to have the best fondue in town, have a few Malakoffs (fried cheese balls) and enjoy this amazing double-creme tart… Go to the Restaurant de la Gare (next to the train station). This traditional cozy and typically Swiss restaurant will definitely please you if you are here with family, friends, or kids. The service is impeccable and the food is divine. Prices are a bit expensive, but definitely worth it!


Le Grizzly is the Swiss chalet or cheese restaurant of the Royalp (5* resort of Villars-sur-Ollon). What I really like about this place is the atmosphere: there is a huge fireplace in the middle of the room which sets you in this warm winter mood. Enjoy a glace of wine, order yourself a raclette and just live the moment! Perfect place for a dinner “en amoureux” after a hard day skiing!

Tea-room & Cakes

I think La Chaumiere is a traditional and must try tea room in Villars. Ok, the prices are pretty expensive, the service is weak… but it still has its own little charm! Especially if after a hard day of skiing you want to enjoy a hot chocolate and pastry 🙂

LYA chills on the slopes
LYA chills on the slopes

On the Slopes

There are several slopes-restaurants in Bretaye (the skiing area above the village) where you can enjoy a little snack or a proper lunch during the day without having to go back in the village.

  • Sandwich
    If you just want a little snack and not waste some quality skiing time, then you should try grabbing a sandwich at the “hotel du lac”. They also have amazing homemade tarts and a big buffet. The advantage of the place is their terrace which can welcome many people when the Sun is out.
  • Fondue
    As soon as you enter the skiing area (Bretaye) you have a selection of two restaurants above the skiing shops and the Swiss ski school that serve very good cheese dishes. There is also a self service area where you can help yourself and choose from a choice of salads, cold plates, sandwiches, soups, pasta etc… 
  • Burgers & Cookies
    A recently opened cafe opened in Bretaye (the meeting point on the slopes) called Cookie offers skiers and visitors a very cool choice of fast food. Indeed, it is the easiest and cheapest lunch you can have in between two pistes. Cookie serves burgers, sandwiches, paninis, nuggets, fries, choc&chip cookies and I noticed a very interesting drink on the board called the “cookie hot chocolate” which is based with baileys…. Sounds good doesnt it? 
Cookie Cafe Menu
Cookie Cafe Menu

Enjoy your Winter season wherever you are !!!!!!


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