I ♥ Alpina

     What is Alpina? It is the name of this super trendy 5* Palace that has opened newly in Gstaad! Since LYA is living the last semester of studies ever, I have decided to enjoy the beauty of Switzerland to the fullest. Thus, on a sunny Thursday, what can be better than to take a friend to Gstaad and stop to the IN place, Alpina, for a hot cocoa and Latte Machiatto 🙂  whilst its cold and white outside?

Hot Chocolate & Latte Machiatto
Hot Chocolate & Latte Machiatto

So at first we were really impressed with the entrance of the hotel: you have to enter a tunnel to access the hotel. The whole building, outside and inside, is a perfect balance between natural elements like wood and stone, turning the resort into the coziest and most relaxing environment. As we went up the stairs, we discovered a large room filled with sofas, stools and…. A fireplace 🙂 The panoramic windows of the room offered us the opportunity to have a very nice view on the mountains and…. on an outside pool!!!!! For 16 CHF, my friends and I had the most chilled afternoon 😀

Perfect fireplace....
Perfect fireplace….

As we are hospitality business students, we payed attention to every single detail, waiting for the first mistake to start criticizing, but this time none of the hotel elements disappointed us: excellent service, presentation and welcoming, the prices were normal for a 5* in Gstaad and a very nice element LYA liked was how the hotel managed to introduce contemporary/modern art pieces into the decoration without making it shocking. Moreover, when we asked for wi-fi (we can’t survive without being connected anymore), the waiter gave us some free codes to have access to internet. As we were on our way out, we passed in front of the Six Senses Spa on the ground floor and even benefitted a guided tour ( I really want to try the salt room one day… sounds so mysterious 🙂 )!

And I said I Love You
And I said I Love You

The Alpina is definitely the place to be seen in these days and to all Glion students: don’t forget to check-in 😉

Panoramic view of the lounge


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