I ♥ Minkie’s Deli

     LYA is back to Switzerland and ready to rock the last semester of studies before graduating (oh yeahhhh)!!! But before graduation day, there is a lot to do, to write, to discover and to share! After having struggled in London to find an apartment for Mister (which we found thanks for asking), we started looking around and wandering in his new area. Kensal rise  (London, North London, NW10) is a very organic area to say the least: organic shop, organic delis, organic chicken…!!! What is it with organic food? Anyways, we discovered a sweet little charming deli on the main road called Minkie’s Deli. As we were very hungry and as the place looked as if it was serving food, we entered. And waouw, surprise it actually looks very good: homemade cupcakes on the counter, fresh orange juice, homemade salads and organic bread :p So we order our breakfast: one very healthy “Kensal Rise” breakfast and a more masculin “Minkie’s Breakfast“, and a total of £16.50. Not bad right? So let me recap the good aspects of this deli and the less good ones.



  • the price is okay
  • the food is fresh and tasty
  • there is a cool design on the foam of your hot chocolate
  • the interior is cozy: wooden furniture, large tables to be shared with strangers, classic music in your ears
  • organic food
  • free wifi
  • very trendy bobo hippy chic foodista ambiance: clientele comes to have “business meetings”, during the weekends you have dad-son reunions, students come to “study”
Hot Cocoa Art - Minkie's Deli
Hot Cocoa Art – Minkie’s Deli

Less Good

  • service: okay its not a 5* restaurant but common’!!! we ordered at the counter (the place is not very big) and the waitress has to come and shout in the restaurant “EGGS AND SALMON????”… Seriously?? there are like 10 customers in your deli and you don’t remember who ordered it? How lazy have people become?
  • on the granola there is 3/4 of granola and 1/4 of yoghourt, they could be a bit more generous (little tip: just ask some more yoghourt straight away)
  • waitresses’ style…. again I know we are not in a 5* deli but common’!!!! one of the waitress (the youngest) was wearing an almost transparent legging! I mean, if you are working in a restaurant, in contact with food and people, just wear pants !!!! We don’t want to see your ass lady…. 


To summarize this experience, I would say that restaurants sometimes can make a bit of an effort when it comes to presentation and image of the waiters. In the end, waiters are ambassadors of the brand so if they are not looking clean, your perception of the restaurant will definitely be affected and you might skip the food… Some small details can turn you into a loyal customers! But let’s stay positive, the food was very good and we definitely recommend you to try the Minkie’s if you’re in the North 🙂


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