I ♥ Jam

No no no… JAM is not a brunch restaurant, its not marmelade or jelly either! Jam is THE Glionners’ favourite burger place in the Swiss Mountains 🙂 Located in Saanen (10min away from Gstaad by car), this “pub” understood it all: cozy wooden interior, fireplace and rock music, welcome to the Swiss burger heaven. As an aperitif, start off with the barmaid’s specialty: Mojito.


Burger Menu
Burger Menu

You have 2 options: you can choose to eat burgers (which we did) or to select a meal from the normal menu. The burger menu as you can see above is quite diverse: guacamole, raclette cheese, mushrooms, sundried tomatoes, onions…. and MORE !!! Little tip, if you want twice an ingredient, write x2 next to the box 🙂 This is how our burgers ended up:

Our customized JAM burgers
Our customized JAM burgers

For the dessert, LYA recommends you to taste the chocolate fondant. Dont forget to order it at the beginning of the dinner as it takes 15 min or so to be ready! I loved how the fondant was served with fresh cut fruits and vanilla ice cream on the side.

Chocolate Fondant
Chocolate Fondant

The customers are a mix of families, groups and couples, no age restrictions! The bill was a little rough to say the least, but it was definitely worth the trip (40minutes from Bulle).

LYA xx


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