I ♥ Miyuko

     Last week-end, LYA had another opportunity to spend a great time in Zurich. The entertainment was quite different though this time as our main activities evolved around eating-sleeping-walking-eating-eating!!! But thanks to these productive exercises, here is a new address you WANT to try  😉

IMG_3892This window full of colourful cakes is the first thing that has caught our attention when entering this little dollhouse-manga-look-alike outlet. Intriguing, crazy, and quite appealing I would say 🙂 The waitresses are wearing appropriate outfits matching this manga-dollhouse-cakey spirit made of German traditional dresses, dyed pink or blue hair, manga haircut. And now you are picking up your phone to make a reservation haha 🙂
What you don’t know is that Les Gourmandises de Miyuko offers Gluten free, Lactose Free, Vegan options (to order 24h before), making this place suitable for everyone! A good original way to be introduced to everything-free cuisine 🙂

Cappuccino Art
Cappuccino Art

Before ordering the Brunch formula, we started warming up around a nice cup of cappuccino and matcha green tea.

Brunch Etagères
Brunch Etagères

We had 2 Gluten free brunchs and 2 normal brunches, and this is the Etagères that came to us (4persons): cheese, pastries, cakes, chocolates, jams, butters, charcuteries, vegetables, muesli, fresh fruits, chutney….!!! And you think we were still hungry afterwards? Couldnt even finish these crazy étagères. 

IMG_3893IMG_3880The general atmosphere is cozy and makes you want to hang out in there during the whole day, just watching cakes go around and all these energising colours mix and match.



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