We ♥ Easter Day in L.A.

     We started our first day, which happened to be Easter Sunday as well, in Los Angeles by picking up my brother in Downtown L.A, having lunch and then hitting Venice beach for an “interesting” walk to say the least 🙂 As its the first time I am in L.A, I had no clue of what was ahead of us. I thought that Venice Beach was a nice place for family promenade, and thats the way it all started! But the further we went, the weirder it became 😉 

However, I must say it was a great way to spend an Easter Sunday: walking along the beach, laughing, breathing the ocean air, and discovering a new place with the family. We had a great time observing the Americans’ typical Sunday habits and the best one I picked so far is skateboarding with the dog on the leash: no exercise needed hihi 🙂 Another great aspect of Venice beach is the funky crazy street art. Indeed, there are so many paintings and graffitis on the wall, and trust me, you never know where to look as you don’t want to miss any of them! 



Venice Beach surprised us and turned out to be way more entertaining than expected. The first part of the walk is very family oriented and you can see groups of friends cycling or roller skating, skateboarding along the beach. And when you enter the pedestrian part, you enter the heart of the hippy movement of LA: musicians, little souvenir shops, freakshows, loco people! Believe me you’ll remember your walk haha. 


If you are planning a visit to Venice beach, take your sneakers and shades and get ready for un expected people to bum into you! Hope you all had a great Easter 🙂 


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