We ♥ the Cupcake ATM

     Have you ever heard of the famous Cupcake ATM implemented by Sprinkles in the United States? Well, let me tell you all about this creative concept that LYA had the chance to get a closer look at while staying in Beverly Hills, California. I must say I wasn’t the only one who was excited about this funny ATM, my little sister didn’t stop asking me to get her a cupcake from the machine during the whole week and finally stopped harassing me when I got it for her. 

Screen Shot 2013-04-07 at 4.40.19 PM

When you hear “cupcake ATM”, your first thoughts might be: “impossible that the cupcakes are fresh”, “these cakes must be at least a week old” “it must be so artificial”. Well at least, that’s what we thought and we were totally wrong! Sprinkles is originally a normal “patisserie” shop selling fresh cupcakes and pastries. The only difference is that instead of queuing or taking a look at the colourful cupcakes from inside the shop, in the window, you get to stand in front of a screen, outside the shop, and select your cupcake by touching it. While you are making your selection, there is this catchy music playing “Sprinkles is the best cupcake in the world”. And don’t be mistaken, not because it comes out of a pink container it means it is not fresh! Furthermore, you get the same choice as inside: coconut, gluten free, red velvet, chocolate praline, vanilla, strawberry, milk chocolate, chocolate fudge and so much more. 



LYA believes it is a great original idea and very entertaining for kids or cupcake lovers in a rush. From my little sister’s experience, little girls love it! So if you are in the neighborhood with your daughter, sister, or cousin, you MUST stop by and get your own ATM cupcake J. Prices are approximately the same as in any other cupcake shop, around $4 per piece.



PS: You can also get a fresh organic juice from the Juice Machine by Kreation nextdoor 😉



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