We ♥ Alfred

Have you met Alfred? LYA has and will introduce you right away: Alfred is good looking and discrete, Alfred is organic, Alfred is half chic half not, Alfred is cozy, Alfred is great to work with, Alfred is dressed in Rag & Bone and Alfred wears a moustache. How cool is Alfred? Super cool. Alfred is understanding & easy going as well as simple and casual. 

Alfred knows how to prioritise
Alfred knows how to prioritise

Would you have coffee with Alfred? You would definitely be missing something if you say no. The concept is simple: you go to the counter, ask what you want to drink or eat, and get your order to your table. Alfred is not really a gentleman, he likes to see you sweat :p You understood it I guess, Alfred is a little “café & kitchen” of West Hollywood, in Melrose Place that will be perfect for you to rest during your shopping session in the area or meet with a colleague for a working session. You can forget about Starbucks when you have Alfred! Even his cups are more stylish as they have a moustache printed on it 😉 You can sit inside, or enjoy a nice little table on the terrace which will give you the opportunity to observe wanderers and enjoy the sweet L.A weather. 

Alfred aims to please
Alfred aims to please
Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 10.24.58 AM
You can even take some of Alfred back home

Are you ready to meet Alfred’s now?


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