I ♥ Yauatcha

And you will too.. 😉

Yauatcha is a fancy trendy Chinese restaurant located in the little streets of Soho in London. My dear Mr. H took me there to cheer me up after a sad week end spent recovering in bed this winter. And I am asking you: what better way to cheer up a lady? Especially when the dinner starts with a good looking lytchee cocktail 🙂 

Lytchee Cocktail

Yauatcha is not the type of Chinese restaurant where you eat duck and dumpling soup. There is quite a ceremony around each dish and every plate arriving made me more curious and excited to know what was inside! The first surprise was the Dim Sum looking like cotton balls :p Wondering what’s inside? Well, you’ll have to taste to find out 😀

Cotton Wannabes Dim Sum

The goal of an evening at Yauatcha is to awake your senses and taste a few plates of dim sum before having the duck (which you MUST try). 

Soft outside, crispy inside...
Soft outside, crispy inside…
Ducky duck


The price was pretty decent considering portions fill you up and service and quality or perfect and… it is a Michelin restaurant. We had 2 cocktails, 4 plates of dim sum and one duck to share and ended up with approximately £70 bill. You can chose to dine upstairs which is more casual or downstairs, which is more high-scale. 


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  1. I am so jealous! I absolutely love Yauatcha, the food is so good, and I always end up staring at their dessert display through the window when I walk past. Much better than its sister restaurant Hakkasan, I think.

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