I ♥ Moving LondOn

… Not true 🙂 Even though I should be used to moving in and out, travelling, discovering people and cultures, moving on with your life and ending a chapter to start a new one is always tough! So that is it, after 3.5 years spent in Switzerland for my bachelor studies in hospitality business, yesterday I passed my last exam. The next steps include a mix of packing, moving out, graduating (hopefully), and finally, moving to…….. LONDON TOWN!

A great event in London, opening of Victoria’s Secret
London Tube


Swiss Mountains
Swiss Mountains

I will pack in my bags all the memories I have made in Switzerland, involving great friends, inspiring teachers, the “police-glion-locals-students” love affair, and great work experiences 🙂 I was very lucky to study in such a beautiful environment, waking up in front of the Geneva Lake or the Swiss Alps every morning was quite some luck! But hey, a bit of pollution and social life cant hurt right :p So hello to city noise, stress, late tube and youth 😀 LYA is ready to get into this new wagon, direction SUCCESS.

London, See you in July! Bye bye delicious Swiss wine, hello English beer 😉

Fake Graduation, Real Graduation on the 7th of June
Fake Graduation, Real Graduation on the 7th of June

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