I ♥ Pamper Day

     If you are a globe trotter like LYA, you must have experienced the moment when your hair needs a change but you are too afraid of letting unknown scissors approach them :p Today was a typical pamper day in Paris, a day when the hairdresser shares some news that will enlighten the rainy sad days we are experiencing lately 🙂 You might have guessed that my first stop was… the hair salon! But not any hair salon in Paris can touch my hair! Only Coiffirst can. Coiffirst is a hair salon chain that started in France and then opened in Japan, Korea, USA and their next destination is…. LONDON. You cant imagine how thrilled I was when I was told that very soon, I will have the chance to get the same services as in Paris, in London! Indeed, Coiffirst is not just any hair salon…  you ALWAYS get a warm welcome at the entrance, you get treated like a VIP (even though you are not :p) for an affordable price, you can choose the level of experience your hair needs (junior, designer etc.), and most importantly… your hair will ALWAYS look gorgeous at the exit.

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 8.11.09 PM
Coiffirst Hair Salon

Today’s plan included a hair care and a brushing. The hair dresser used the new “Kate Moss” products for Kerastase in order to add volume to my flat hair 🙂 And the result was far from being disappointing. I cant guarantee it will last long though, but at least its efficient! Strong recommendation on these products!

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 8.07.03 PM

Effects of the Kerastase volume hair care products
Effects of the Kerastase volume hair care products

The second stage of the pamper day was the nail bar. As I am in an “interview” period where I have to present well and look neat, I went straight to THE growing nail bar chain in Paris, the Culture of Color. The “nail” culture took a long time to reach paris and enter the parisian lifestyle. But it has finally arrived and oh well.. you will get some return on investment girlzzz 🙂 I headed to the salon in the 5th district of paris, rue Monge. The outlet is not too big and you can go without an appointment if you are lucky and the staff is not too busy. The salon is sponsored by OPI, the famous nail and polish brand. Prices are affordable, except for the “long lasting” polishes which are a little expensive. However, I believe it is worth it as the service offered is very satisfying: customers are offered hot drinks, the staff is chatty and friendly and the atmosphere is very cozy. It looks like the nail and nail polish culture has finally successfully took off in Paris! 

Culture of Colour Nail Bar
Culture of Colour Nail Bar

Dear women readers, are you ready to get pampered in Paris? 🙂



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