I ♥ Cupcake&Macaron

     What’s better than wandering in Paris, looking at the shops’ windows, sitting at a cafe and enjoy watching people in the street? I will tell you what is better: discovering a tiny mini little cute cupcakes and macarons shop in the 6e arrondissement, 1 rue du Four. 

Cupcake&Macaron, 1 rue du Four, 75006
Cupcake&Macaron, 1 rue du Four, 75006

Behind this new trendy colorful brand stands a pastry chef who was taught the art of macarons by the La Durée institution. In this little outlet, you can find both macarons and cupcakes, big ones and bite-size ones. Here was born the “cupcake a la Francaise”. What is the difference you will say, well they are lighter than an American cupcakes as the toppings of the French cupcakes are not made with butter cream. 


We tried the Speculoos, the Nutella, the Paris-Brest Cupcakes… They all look and taste super yummy 🙂 The small size of the cupcakes will definitely suit your sugar rushes without feeling too guilty 🙂 The shop is opened from 11:00 AM and is also settled in the 9e arrondissement, rue Maubeuge. 




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