Girls ♥ Barcelona

     3.5 Years after starting our hospitality business studies, it was time for us to celebrate our degree with a proper girls’ trip in Barcelona! 4 was the perfect number of girls to travel with 🙂 We had made a booking in a flat, perfectly located in the area of Universitad, called Daily Flats. The apartment was very well furnished in a modern and convenient practical style with a nice fresh touch. The period we chose to get to Barca matched the Sonar festival, internationally known music event. Therefore, the city was filled with people like us, willing to release the pressure and enjoy the holiday! 



You might wonder what 4 graduates might end up doing in the spanish capital of fun? Well we didnt party much (but shhhhhh), we mainly wandered around the town, shopped, ate and drink as if we hadnt eaten in a year and baked on the beach 😉 We did pass in front of the Sagrada Familia… but really our touristic activities were not the point of the trip :p

Sagrada Familia - Barcelona
Sagrada Familia – Barcelona

Here are a few facts we discovered in Barcelona:

  • Topless is advised on the beach – some people don’t bother wearing a swim suit!
  • The sun beds are quite cheap, dont miss out on it (6euros)
  • Travelling by taxis was less expensive than taking the tube
  • Don’t bring too much clothes – you’ll find a lot of them over there
  • If you are planning a little tour in the St Joseph food market, go in the morning before the human afternoon wave!
St Josep Food Market
St Josep Food Market
Fresh Fruit Ice Creams in the Market
Fresh Fruit Ice Creams in the Market


La Playa
La Playa

After 4 days, we ended up brown like chocolate (some might have another opinion and say red like lobsters :p), 1 additional kilo on the scale and batteries charged for a new chapter. Barcelona, see in June 2014!  😉





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