I ♥ Patty & Bun

     If you follow LYA, you already know I have been going through some major life changes lately, including moving to another country/city, London. As an official Londoner, my first post will therefore be about… food 🙂 and the best kind of course, Burgers 😀 Please make some noise for Patty & Bun, burger paradise located on James Street in W1. 

Patty & Bun Menu
Patty & Bun Menu

In order to truely enjoy a burger, you might want to take some of your friends along, especially for P&B as you’ll need some entertainment while queuing for hours outside the place! 😉 But my oh my.. Its worth it! During this hour you will be picturing the meat and will almost feel it in your mouth already! 

Ary Gold, the most handsome and tasty burger EVER
Ari Gold, the most handsome and tasty burger EVER

And this is your reward for being patient 🙂 P&B’s signature burger is called Ari Gold and is by far the best burger I have had in town: medium rare meat, brioche warm bun, caramelised onions, really good cheese… all the key ingredients were just perfect, fresh and tasty. And the bonus is that even the chips are amazingly perfectly cooked and seasonned. My boyfriend was intrigued by the lamb and vegetable burger which turned out to be surprisingly good. The cheese used was feta and it was a tiny bit spicy which added a nice twist. 


The whole P&B experience was flawless but my only regret is that I did not have enough room for the peanut butter or salted caramel ice cream 🙂 I might as well have to go queue again! Finally, not only the food was over-delicious but the atmosphere and interior were just as fabulous! The overall budget for a burger, fries and a glass of wine is approx. £15. A little pricy for a bun & meat, but totally worth the experience! 


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