I ♥ Mme Gautier

If you are a North London kinda guy, you may have crossed the road of Mme Gautier. Perhaps in a farmer’s market, perhaps in a food fair. But now, you’ll have the chance to enjoy Mme Gautier’s specialties in their newly opened restaurant in Kensal Rise, North West of London. 

f7b53ea80f0e11e381d622000a1f975c_7We wanted to go to Mme Gautier for dinner but they were fully booked for the coming weeks, therefore we went to try their breakfast 🙂 We attempted to sit outside but the wind managed to bring us back indoors. However, here is how cute the little back terrace looks:


photo (1)Once seated inside and after a bit of wait, we finally had our food in front of us: granola & yoghourt and a nice English breakfast, fresh grapefruit juice and some tea. 

English breakfast
English breakfast
Granola, fruits and yoghourt
Granola, fruits and yoghourt

Presentation was a bit bulky and eggs a bit dry, but oh well, it had just opened at that time so we forgave you Mme Gautier 😉 . We liked the fact that French waiters are working in the restaurant, it gives some authenticity to the place. We also love the design with this huge main room, cozy terraces in front and in the back of the restaurant, big brown traditional leather sofas and seats. And if you can’t take some time to enjoy the food on the spot, you have the opportunity to take away some daily dishes, pastries, sauces and salads. 

photo (3)

If like us, desperate parisians, you are desperate for a nice terrace in the city, finally here is a restaurant in London where you can enjoy watching people in the streets 😉



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