I ♥ Pub Quizzing

First question: how does a Londonner spend the perfect Sunday evening?


  • a – drinking beer
  • b – curing hangovers with aspirin in bed
  • c – playing bowling
  • d – pub quiz with friends

And yes, the right answer was the last point 🙂 Thanks to Rick a uni friend, my boyfriend and I found ourselves sitting in the coziest pub of West London, The Eagle, a pen in our hands and eyes fixed on the quiz leader, ready to rock it! But how does a pub quiz work exactly you might ask? Well: you pay £1 per person to enter the quiz, there are 3 rounds of questions, friends, comfort food and drinks. But also, great prizes such as £300 pot for winning team of the 3 rounds, bottles of wines, food vouchers etc.


The menu changes every day but a great marketing idea to steal from this gastro pub is definitely the “tweet @TheEaglew12 and get a free scoop of ice cream”. It’s different, easy, rewarding and worth it! Here is a little sneak peak into last Sunday’s menu.

photo (7)

The Eagle pub is super big with 3 different rooms and a back garden. The back yard is the perfect place for summertime reunion as there are some private areas available for group hire.  The interior is made of wood, carpets and cozy big red leather vintage sofas. I can already picture myself sipping a hot chocolate on a cold winter afternoon, surrounded with good company and catching up on some busy week updates . 


photo (6)

Our evening highlights included the juicy burger accompanied with onion rings and a sweet brioche bun, the warm goat cheese salad and the great service 🙂 If you are looking for some similar entertainment in town, many pubs do pub quizzes evenings.
You should try the one at Kosmopol in Chelsea, every Monday night. Enter the quiz for £5 and get a free drink as well! 

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