We ♥ Whisky Mist

Last Friday night was girls night out here in central London and so, us 4 girls, took our dancing shoes out for a fun time.

Eventhough it was poring rain outside and it was the ideal a stay-at-home-and-watch-a-movie-under-the-duvet kind of night, we gathered our courage, put our waterproof makeup on and got into a cab heading to the newly re-opened Whisky Mist.

The Whisky Mist nightclub, owned by the Hilton Park Lane hotel, is located in the very heart of Mayfair, in the Golden Triangle and attracts a very high-end, sophisticated crowd. It re-launched last February 2014 and is ready to host the most VIP and glamourous nights in town.


As we didn’t know the club before the renovation, all we can really do is state the facts:

  • The music was amazing – started off with some deep house and ended up with some more commercial tunes (which us girls loved – especially loved hearing “c’est le son de la police” – French Rap loverzzzz 😀 )
  • The staff was dedicated and managed customers’ expectations from start to end
  • The atmosphere and design could make you feel the Whisky power from floor to ceiling with some coloured stained-glass windows, wooden walls.. You could feel anything could happen


Getting the party started
Getting the party started


Best part of the night was around 2:00 AM, the moment you are satisfied with music, alcohol and the party itself, you think it can’t get any better… but it did !… when a waiter brought us mini bowls of mac & cheese 😀

Few notes for all of you willing to try out out: 

  • Don’t forget your IDs – strict policy
  • No trainers or too casual outfits – please dress up
  • Don’t expect to end up in a crowd of teenagers – age range between 25-40

For all of you – international jet-setters – you can find the Whisky Mist in Beirut, Lebanon at the Pheonicia Hotel.

Special thanks to D. & the Whisky Mist team for being the best hosts 😉

For booking, email reservations@whiskymist.com

Bathroom Selfie

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