We ♥ A Romantic Getaway in Bath (II)

As promised in my last post, here is more about our escape to Bath 🙂

On Sunday, we had brunch at the hotel and decided to wander more around town. We were very lucky with the weather and as it was Mother’s day here in the UK, you could feel the festive and loving mood in the air! 

The centre was filled with families taking advantage of the sun and the street entertainment.

We passed in front of many “must-see” places such as the Church, the Sally Lunn’s restaurant (famous for their Bath Bun), and more.. without really enterring any as we weren’t really into a museum mood 😉 – but here are a few pics of our getaway!


Of course we couldn’t get out of the fudge shop without getting ourselves a little bag of those special treats that we could enjoy on the train back to London.


hotel in bath

The trip passed by so fast and I definitely recommend you to stay a little longer if you want to visit the city fully and not miss any museums, cute restaurants and beautiful views 😉

hotel in bath


See you soon Bath, it was a pleasure !






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