We ♥ The Wolf At #RustyNail

After a successful party at the beginning of the month at the Whisky Mist, I had started following their Facebook page and couldn’t understand why they were mentioning “Rusty Nail” instead of Whisky Mist… I can now share the answer with you: these are 2 different clubs or rooms, reunited under 1 roof, the Hilton Park Lane. The difference is that the Rusty Nail is the creme of the creme of the VIP clubs in London, smaller, more exclusive, “accomplished and creative” crowd and better music too. The Whisky Mist side is a larger room and plays more “commercial” music – both of them opened recently. The 2 clubs are amazing in terms of personalised service, interior design and atmosphere, and you’ll have a perfect glam London style night out in both – it all depends of your budget I guess.



We had a very lively and fun dinner party at Margaux’s place in Chelsea and before we knew it, it was already time to jump in an Uber cab and head to the Rusty Nail. We arrived around 11:30PM and got served with some vodka to start off the night 🙂



We then saw a big heavy Wolf filled with a red blood-looking drink in it, arrive at our table, which certainly made the boys happy and scared us girls off a little :p

The Sharing Wolf

The Sharing Wolf




The Rusty Nail has a different story and feel than the Whisky Mist – the room is smaller, the interior is made of whisky barrels and candles, a mix of purple shades and the whole thing takes you to a more confidential, high-end, and cozy mood.




Thanks DJ for making us dance on some cool disco remixed hits 😀 And thanks to the #RustyNail crew for  taking such a good care of us – This night was a success !



For booking enquiries, email reservations@whiskymist.com
Sorry they’re open

PS: you never know who you might bump into, Drake, Leona Lewis,  Colton Haynes – Teen Wolf, ARROW, Ashley Charles – The White Queen, Vampire Academy



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