We ♥ Easter in Belgium

Getting back from a long week-end is generally tough but when you disconnect completely and move from the peaceful and relaxed family atmosphere in Belgium back to the noisy extra dynamic London, it’s even harder !

Arrived in Antwerp with the Sun
Arrived in Antwerp with the Sun

Last year LYA & Co. gathered in Los Angeles, this year we went “Local” 😉 We had nothing planned on our agenda – just chill, catch up with some sleep and enjoy the moment. We were very lucky with the weather and took a trip out of Brussels to Antwerp on Saturday afternoon, which is only a 45min drive.

Healthy paleo colourful late lunch @Salad & Co.
Healthy paleo colourful late lunch @Salad & Co.
Pineapple, grapefruit and lemon fresh juice
Pineapple, grapefruit and lemon fresh juice

If you ever stop by Antwerp, LYA highly recommends you get yourself the best foodie souvenir in the world – a soft and warm brioche from the tiny but super famous Goossens bakery, nomnomnom! “Patience is key“, you’re not gonna be the only want willing to take one of these babies home 😉

Inside Goossens, Antwerp
Inside Goossens

On Sunday, Estelle put her most appropriate top on and went searching for the 9 choco eggs in the garden (with a little bit of help).

What’s the point of Easter if there is no kid to run around looking for the surprises the rabbit hid in the bushes? 🙂 

Easter Choco Pralinés Eggs by Café-Tasse

After a great brunch/lunch on one of Brussels’ people hot spot, Gaudron‘s terrace, we headed to the forest for a bonding walk – well, some would say bonding, others would wonder if we were all walking together 😉 !

The Happy Kids
The Happy Kids – appreciate the green filter for the “forest” mood 
Kitty the queen welcomed us with some nice little cat cuddles
1st BBQ on the terrace before the rain made us realise it’s time to go home


Hope you all had a lovely Easter break and relaxing time with your loved ones!


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  1. Super j adore te lire!

    C.Beraud-Letz “A Rabbi is asked -Why do you talk to yourself? -It’s the 1st time i have an interesting conversation with a man of intelligence! “Un rabbin a qui l’on demande pourquoi il se parle a lui-meme -C’est la 1ere fois que j’ai une conversation avec 1 homme inteligent!


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