We ♥ LCC

Last week we were invited to try out the very grungy fun and original bar that every Londoner should know of, The London Cocktail Club.

Even though we had a rough night the day before at the Carnivalle party and our livers were still recovering, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to shake our own drinks !

London cocktail club

The bar is located underground, in the vibrant area of Soho, but they also have other locations in London and a new one coming soon… East 😉

London Cocktail Club  Soho entrance

Live Young Abroad - HBH

My advice : book your table in advance! It is quite a small bar and it’s nice to have a seat. Ask for the best area – in my opinion – is the phone box 😉

Upon our arrival, Nathan the barman, introduced himself and looked after us during the whole evening.

He only started working behind the bar 6months ago but you can see he has it in him! He served us a “FlatPack” to share and the fun started !


Menu at LCC Soho


Inside this bright blue box, you will find a set of mini-bottles, ready for you to mix and shake.

And thats the art of cocktails DIY by the London Cocktail Club. The “Flat Pack” costs £20 and you can choose between 3 different cocktails.

We went for the summer daiquiri and we took turns to shake it – sharing the luuuuuv 🙂


And this is our DIY cocktail 😀

Summer daiquiri at LCC Soho

Besides the FlatPack, I saw some original cocktails passing under my nose and being served in a pop corn box ! Will have to go back again to try these out 😉

Meanwhile, I must say we also got very inspired by some of the quotes in the menu, this one being our favorite!

LYA team at LCC SOho

LCC Soho Menu

Looking forward to the opening of the new location and trying out some more special cocktails!

Watch this space & book your table for Monday as it is a happy hour ! And who doesn’t like to get 2 drinks for 1 all night on the whole menu???? AND its a bank holiday! No excuse 😉

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