I ♥ Fashion

Inspiration and Styles

  • Frocks & Other Frivolities
    Australian fashion blogger sharing her favourite style. I love her smooth outfits and the combination of light and neon colours. Definitely a trend-spotter!
  • Kayture
    Swiss fashion blogger and also ex-participant to Miss Suisse.What I like about her is her simplicity, natural makeups and how she matches her clothes to her accessories. This girl is a natural beauty and the biggest names in the industry have noticed.
  • L’Armoire de Lana
    Lebanese fashion and trend blogger. She differentiates herself by doing some journalist-reporter articles about fashion shows but also interviews. I love her lebanese taste and innate sense of fashion.
  • Le Blog de Betty
    Fashion blogger based in Paris. Her blog is a very funky stylish window on her world and fashion life. Outfits, nice poses, street style, and the parisian touch. I like her rock n roll and moderate hipster style. I absolutely love all her gadgets and funky accessories!
  • The Beauty Department
    eauty tips given by the famous Lauren Conrad from The Hills.
  • Tykana
    orgeous accessories websites designed by N. Hindi, a French-Lebanese artist based between Paris and Indonesia. Style, chic, exclusivity, and originality are the words that come to my mind when I see her designs.

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