My name is Hannah, I am 23 and graduated from the Glion Institute of Higher Education with a Bachlor of Arts in International Hospitality Business Management/Administration and a major in Sales & Marketing. I am passionate about everything online and love discovering new stuff, cities, restaurants, cultures, foods!

      I am half 50% French & 50% German and lived in 4 different countries being France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and the UK. I have an international background thanks to my family and travelled a lot.  Today I believe that my home is where my heart is 🙂 

     I want to share a little more about the Glion Institute of Higher Education as it has strongly influenced my choice of developping this blog. First of all, you can find more than 80 different nationalities amongst the students, who come from all over the world. When they arrive to study in Switzerland for the first time, most of them feel disoriented, lost or lonely as its their first experience away from home. They have to grow up and adapt themselves to the Swiss lifestyle and rules, which can be more or less tough, depending on your background.

So when new students arrive on campus (in Bulle or in Glion), the school’s role is to help them feel welcome and supported. The staff and teachers have to be there whenever the students need it and previous students’ have to make the new students feel “home”. The “Glion Spirit” is well known and I like to define it thanks to 3 key words: solidarity, network and friendship.

    We are required to do 2 different internships through out our cursus. The school helps students to find their placements through the “internship office”, which supports them when they need advices, contacts and tips. The internship office’s staff is in charge of helping the students for the visa, the procedures, and contact many companies/hotels to come make some presentations and interviews on campus.

But one thing that students have to do by themselves can sometime be seen as the hardest part: find an accommodation in a new city and adapt themselves to a new environment where they, most of the time, don’t know anyone.

When I started looking for my first internship, I didn’t realize yet how difficult it would be for me to adapt myself to the working environment and to a new city. But when it came to my 2nd internship, I noticed that a lot of my friends had to face the same difficulties.

This is why & how LYA was born 🙂


I ♥

My Man, living a healthy lifestyle, reading, family time and trips, cooking paleo, travelling, learning, lazy sundays, writing & blogging, following fashion trends, everything online, innovations, London

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Mondays, being late, lack of inspiration, being bored



  1. Hello 🙂
    i am studying in Glion now and before enrolling this year in august, I had thousands of questions toward how the life in school and in the country is going to be.
    Somehow, I managed to find your blog while searching for information about GIHE and Montreux.
    Since then, I have had a strong impression about your blog. 🙂
    and yes indeed, I love GIHE, and although it has only been my first semester, the school has already changed me into a whole new level !

  2. Hi! I am thrilled to have stumbled across your blog. It is directly applicable to me, as I plan a journey to Switz!

    How receptive did you find people were to you being American? I myself am embarking on a indefinitely ending journey to Europe, and have been trying to lose my American tendencies!

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